Ideas for Modest Bridesmaid Dress Styles

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Finding new ideas in your search for modest bridesmaid dress styles is easy. Many modest gowns for bridesmaids are fashionable and flattering, creating an elegant wedding party long remembered.

Looking for Ideas for Modest Bridesmaid Dress Styles

People looking for modest bridesmaids dresses often wonder where to start. Many mainstream bridesmaid dresses are strapless, have shorter hemlines than the bride or bridesmaid is comfortable with, or have other details that don't meet the modesty standards the bride desires. However, some modest dresses can look frumpy and old fashioned, making the choice difficult. With a little thought, however, lovely and fashionable bridesmaids dresses can be found that are also modest. These dresses will suit every type of wedding and will complement the bride's own modest wedding dress.

Choosing Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding a modest style is a part of the challenge. The dress design needs to flatter the bridesmaid without lacking in modesty. There are many design features to consider when buying a modest bridesmaid dress, such as…

  • Empire Styling: This style of dress has a timeless elegance and looks wonderful when cut to modest proportions. An empire dress has long and clean lines. As such it can be dressed up or down, given a contemporary makeover or inspired by vintage designs. Empire dresses look lovely with different sleeve styles, making this a versatile choice for all seasons.
  • Ballerina Neckline: A neckline that flatters the bridesmaid and also looks fantastic with many different style dresses is the ballerina neckline. This gently scooping neckline has classic shaping and works well with both long and short dresses. Ballerina necklines can be dressed up with a scarf or shawl.
  • Jackets: Many modest bridesmaid dresses can be created by the addition of a simple jacket worn over the dress. There are many styles of jacket that are the ideal accompaniment to many bridesmaid dresses. Bolero jackets are particularly stylish and these can be fastened at the front with a piece of jewelry for a stunning finishing touch.
  • Color: The use of color can transform the most understated bridesmaid dress into something truly special. Many different colors are suitable for bridesmaid dresses and brides will often pick colors that complement the wedding color scheme. Modern and contemporary colors include turquoise, deep blues, and browns. Pastel colors also have a timeless appeal and fit in with many wedding styles.

Alternatives to Buying New Modest Styled Bridesmaid Dresses

While many stores offer a selection of modest styled bridesmaid dresses, sometimes the perfect dress remains elusive. Happily there are many to find the perfect dress.

  • Used or Secondhand Dresses: Buying used modest bridesmaid dresses can be a great way to purchase a modest dress at a low cost. Modest dresses are advertised for sale through websites and local papers. Modest styled bridesmaid dresses are also available from online auction websites.
  • Custom Dresses: Many dressmakers and designers will welcome the opportunity to custom make a bridesmaid dress following the bride's design or brief. This is a great way to find the ideal bridesmaid dress as the dressmaker can take into account all the requirements of the bride and the bridesmaid. This need not be too expensive and many dressmakers advertise in local newspapers and magazines.
  • Alterations: Another way to find the perfect modest bridesmaid dress is to get a dress altered. There are many ways that a bridesmaid dress can be altered to give it modest proportions and this can make for a unique dress and one that is very special. A good dressmaker or tailor will be able to give specific advice or suggestions for how dresses can be altered.

While it might take a bit of time to find the perfect modestly styled bridesmaid dress, there are elegant and sophisticated choices available to make a picture-perfect wedding party.

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Ideas for Modest Bridesmaid Dress Styles