Mintbook Wedding Favors

Mintbook Favor

Mintbook favors are a sweet choice for your wedding reception. If you're trying to decide on the perfect wedding favors to give guests as a small token of appreciation mintbook is always a win.

What Are Mintbook Wedding Favors

Similar in appearance to a matchbook, mintbook favors are simply a small enclosure made out of either cardboard or cardstock. They are often decorated with personalized graphics and information appropriate to the event, and contain a single mint candy inside.

These have become very popular as cheap wedding favors over the years, as they can be easily customized and yet still fit in to almost any couple's budget. Of course, guests love receiving a mint to freshen up after eating the delicious food at your wedding reception, making it an additional bonus in contrast to the countless favors attendees get at formal events and never use.

Make Your Own Mintbook

If you like the idea of mintbooks for your reception tables, you can cut costs further and make your own. It's very simple to do, and with a little help from a friend, you can create a quick assembly line to get them made quickly.

To create, you will need a color printer, cardstock, scissors, an old credit card, staples, and a bag of individually wrapped candies such as Lifesavers, Andes, or Starlight Mints. You can make these any size you want, though a width of about 2 inches and a height of about 5 inches is recommended for the smallest size.

First, use a template found on a website such as the one found at Offbeat Bride. Cut it out and then fold a bottom flap inward and crease, so it is folded in about ½ an inch. Some use the barcode of the old credit card as a folding guide and to form a neat crease.

Next, fold a top edge so it just touches the bottom to form a second folded edge. Then pull it further down to make a new fold to reach just past the bottom first fold.

Mintbooks are easy to make.

After all the folds are made, open up the mintbook and staple an individually wrapped candy so it is fastened to the inside of the flap. It should be centered inside of the mintbook. Then, print out your decorative labels and stick them onto your mintbooks. If you prefer to personalize them by printing directly onto the cardstock itself, do this before cutting and folding. If you choose, the final mintbook can be stapled one more time, fastening the bottom flap over the top and making a closed "book" design. Some people choose to use this bottom flap to print the names of the bride and groom or to add the wedding date.

Buying Mintbooks

If you aren't so crafty, and would rather purchase mintbook wedding favors than go through the trouble of making them, you can buy them at a variety of online retailers.

Many crafters also sell their products on auction sites such as eBay, allowing you to get mintbooks for an even cheaper bulk price, sometimes as low as 100 mintbooks for $30. Hunt online for great deals, and don't forget to check with your local small business candy store. They may surprise you with their reasonable prices and outstanding personal service that cannot often be found via the Internet.

Mintbook wedding favors continue to be popular as a gift for guests that is always in season, no matter what time of year you choose to be married. With endless personalization options no two mintbooks are alike, allowing you hang on to your desire for originality and creativity that cannot be matched.

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Mintbook Wedding Favors