Medieval Wedding Dress

medieval gown style
Wear a gown inspired by medieval fashion.

A wedding dress featuring historical medieval design elements is perfect for a themed ceremony. If you don't want a fully costumed wedding, you can incorporate several features to create a unique gown design.

Romantic Medieval Wedding Gowns

If you're planning a medieval wedding ceremony and reception, it is only fitting to have a gown that reflects your theme. Whether you are hosting a fully themed medival celebration or just want to incorporate a few elements of that era into your nuptials, make sure your wedding gown reflects your wedding vision.

Medieval Fashion

What women wore in medieval times often dictated their wedding attire. The typical medieval woman did not have an extravagant wedding gown. If you want to mimic medieval fashion in a more elaborate way, you may want to emulate a noble or royal fashion for your medieval gown. Look for rich fabrics in burgandy, green, purple and navy, made with velvet and other rich fabrics. Unlike today's trend of strapless gowns, brides in medieval times wore long sleeves. Corset style dresses also became popular during the latter part of this time period. If you want a more rustic look to your wedding clothing, consider wearing a simple tunic with a braided belt, similar to the peasant style of dress from medieval times.

Women's medieval fashions covers several centuries, during which fashion and bridal styles changed. A few features to possibly in your attire, whether you are going to be fully costumed or just include elements of women's medieval clothing styles, include:

  • Lace bodice
  • Decorative ribbons or bands of cloth around the neck, sleeves and waist
  • Long coat or cape over the dress
  • Form-fitting bodice with larger skirt

Adding these elements into your wedding attire is the perfect way to get a touch of the medieval style without being in a themed wedding dress. For example, a long sleeved white dress with purple accents and a gold braided waistband is a beautiful way to blend the modern and medieval styles.

Where to Purchase

gold medieval style gown

If you are simply looking for a wedding dress that just hints at the medieval fashion, start with your local wedding shops and salons. Bring in wedding dress pictures or medieval costume pictures that reflect the particular features you are looking for in the gown. Describe the fashions from the medieval era and allow the salesclerks to help you find the dress that subtle reflects the Middle Ages.

However, if you want a more traditional costume-style gown, seek out a retailer that specializes in medieval or historical bridal attire. Start by checking out these retailers:

  • Very Merry Seamstress offers a large range of custom bridal gowns from Renaissance, medieval, Elizabethan eras and more.
  • Romantic Threads has an extensive listing of medieval-inspired gowns that are perfect for a themed wedding or for a contemporary bride who just wants a little hint of the medieval style in her dress.
  • Katrina Marie has collections of gowns over several style periods. If you're not concerned about the historical accuracy of your gown, check out her Renaissance and Fairytale collections.
  • Rossetti Costumes and Bridal Gowns has a large selection of pre-Raphaelite and medieval gowns. While the designer currently only operates within the UK, this website is a good place to find style ideas for brides who are outside the country.
  • Faerie Brides: This retailer has been designing and manufacturing custom gowns for over fifteen years. They specialize in dresses based on the fashion elements of the medieval, renaissance and Victorian periods.
  • Rivendell Bridal: This UK-based shop is focused specifically on medieval style wedding dresses. There are eight different styles to select from, or brides can choose to have a customized dress.

Brides who want to save money on their gown may want to consider renting a wedding dress from a local theatre company or costume shop. Many have a large selection of gowns that will be perfect for a medieval theme wedding.

Accessorize Your Medieval Attire

Accessorize your wedding medieval wedding gown to give it a truly authentic feel. Look for pearl, silver and gold necklaces, bracelets and headpieces in styles that reflect your theme. Often, the place where you purchase your dress can be a great source for your jewelry; otherwise, check out the jewelry available at Medieval Bridal Fashions.

Brides who want to reflect a royal medieval wedding might choose to wear a tiara upon their heads. Those who are wearing a more simpler medieval wedding dress might choose to wear a circlet of flowers upon their head instead of a tiara.

Gorgeous Medieval Gowns

A medieval gown is a wonderful style for a bride who wants to incroporate a little history into her bridal attire. The beautiful fashions of nobelwomen and royalty offer plenty of luxuious looks, while brides who want a more modest dress can take their style cues from the peasant attire. No matter what look is chosen, the bride is sure to be beautiful in her medieval garments.

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Medieval Wedding Dress