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Wedding cake toppers are the perfect item for adding a whimsical touch to your medieval wedding theme. You have a wide choice of styles, materials, and designs for a unique medieval cake topper.

Types of Medieval Wedding Cake Toppers

While many couples choose a renaissance wedding theme that reflects royalty, which might be replete with dress in rich costume, a castle wedding location, and a feast of foods inspired by the period, you can also choose a simpler medieval style wedding, which might include simpler dress, a scenic outdoor location, and a more casual feel. In either case, there are appropriate and lovely wedding cake toppers to purchase or create.

Pewter, blown glass, and ceramic are great materials for a topper, and these can also serve as wonderful post-wedding keepsakes.

A few types of medieval cake tops available for purchase include:

  • A bride and groom figurine in medieval attire
  • Knight and princess figurines
  • A fairytale or medieval castle
  • Dragon figures
  • Crowns
  • Carriage/horse and carriage
  • Celtic pieces, such as Celtic knots or crosses
  • Claddagh toppers
  • Coat of Arms
  • Brushed metal or crystal monogram toppers
  • Scrolls
  • Unicorns
  • Animals
  • Hearts/double hearts
  • Stars

Creating Your Own Medieval Topper

If you prefer to create your own medieval or renaissance style cake topper, there are also a variety of ways to do so. For a peasant-style medieval theme wedding, use silk wildflowers to add a touch of rustic beauty to the cake. Place flowers in a goblet atop the cake for a quirky medieval topper.Faux ivy can be a simple and lovely way to decorate a medieval cake. Begin with a small cascade on the top tier and arrange around the cake, alternating bare and ivy-covered portions to add interest.

Use small squares of candy to create an edible mosaic on your wedding cake for a truly original topper inspired by this medieval art form.

For a simple, personalized medieval topper, place a small photo of the bride and groom in medieval dress in an ornate pewter frame on the top tier of the cake.

For experts in the kitchen, try an arrangement of medieval gingerbread for a unique and delicious cake topper creation.

Where to Buy

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  • Plaid Palette: Sells kilted groom with bride figures, castle toppers, animal cake tops, and custom toppers.
  • Decorating Studio: Sells a variety of lovely 'cake crowns' and elegant cake jewelry perfect for a royal medieval theme.
  • Atop the Tier sells an adorable ceramic knight and maiden figurine.
  • Mystical Dragon offers a pewter Arthur and Guinievere cake topper, pewter and glass fairy topper, grapevine, and Romeo and Juliet topper.
  • Sculptured Glass: Lovely glass toppers in fairies, Celtic crosses, claddaghs, castles, carriages, double dragons, and more.

More Medieval Cake Ideas

Can't find a medieval topper you love? There are also many other creative ways to come up with a medieval wedding cake. For instance - use shape instead of having the topper as a focal point - see if your preferred baker can create the cake in the form of a castle or other renaissance design. Or, try focusing on the taste and texture of the cake, re-creating confections from the period, like the simnel cake filled with sweet dried fruit.

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