Mailbox Wedding Card Holder

Ivy-covered mailbox wedding card holder

A mailbox can be used for a wedding card holder. This is a festive and cute way to collect wedding cards that guests bring to your reception. You can place the mailbox next to the guest book at the entrance so everyone immediately sees where to place their greeting cards of congratulations and best wishes.

Do It Yourself Wedding Mailbox

While some people may not understand that a birdcage is there to hold their wedding wishes, everyone knows that a mailbox holds cards. Personalize a mailbox by decorating your own.

Metal Mailbox Instructions

To decorate a mailbox, you will need the following supplies:

  • Mailbox (purchase at a home improvement store or hardware store)
  • Measuring tape
  • Satin fabric (in white, off-white or one of your wedding colors)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Glue
  • Faux flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Engagement photographs

To make a personalized mailbox card holder:

  1. Measure around your mailbox so that you can cut the satin fabric to fit around it. Remember to measure out the spot where the flag sticks up and leave a hole or slit for it.
  2. Glue the fabric to the mailbox at the bottom and the joints of the mailbox, leaving the mailbox door uncovered. Make sure you pull the fabric tight.
  3. Measure and cut fabric to cover the front of the mailbox door and inside of the door, and glue it to the door. This way, guests can open and close the door to place the cards inside.
  4. Set the flag upright. Glue your engagement picture to each side of the flag.
  5. Adorn the rest of the mailbox with faux flowers, ribbon, and greenery as you wish.

If you like, you can also dress up a mailbox as seen at Better Homes and Gardens, using tissue paper and decoupage.

Cardboard Mailbox Instructions

A cardboard mailbox is similar to the metal one, but with one big difference: instead of having guests place their cards inside the traditional way, you will cut a slim rectangular hole into the top of the mailbox for them to place the cards inside. This way, you avoid having to make a joint to open and close a mailbox door, and the box is more secure.

Use white cardboard for a clean look or regular brown cardboard for a rustic look. Simply cut out the door and back, the bottom and the lid in dimensions that fit together. Use a strong glue to hold everything. Clamps will help with drying. Decorate as you see fit after gluing the mailbox together.

Buy Mailbox Wedding Card Holders

You can order a mailbox wedding card holder from a number of online retailers if you do not have the time or skills to craft one yourself. Even if it is not homemade, guests will still delight in your unique wedding card box at the reception. Purchase the box from these online vendors:

Different card holders might require some assembly; however, they should be fairly simple to put together. You can always personalize the purchased mailboxes with faux flowers and ribbons that match your wedding color scheme.

Mailbox Accessories

A mailbox wedding card holder is a perfect way to highlight a long distance courtship at your wedding. Play up the mailbox at your wedding reception by adding small touches that accent it throughout the wedding. For example:

  • Giving out personalized photo stamps as a favor
  • Using mailbox flags for dinner place cards
  • Playing wedding dance songs like Please Mr. Postman
  • Making wedding flower arrangements inside old mailboxes for centerpieces

The mailbox holder should be placed on a table, either next to the guest book or with other gifts from guests. Cover the table with a cloth in a coordinating color as your reception linens for a complete look at the reception.

While a wedding card holder is a smaller accessory at a wedding, guests do notice when you pay attention to details. It also helps bring the wedding decorations and theme (if you have one) together. A mailbox is a good alternative to the typical wishing well or card box.

By Amy Hoover

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Mailbox Wedding Card Holder