Maid of Honor's Duties

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The maid of honor's role and duties to the bride are numerous. A checklist of these responsibilities is a great way to stay on track. As a special person in the bride's life, the maid of honor assists the bride guided by traditional etiquette rules.

Free Printable Checklist

Keep track of all your duties using the free checklist printable. It has boxes you can mark off and a lot of space for additional notes. If you have trouble printing, follow a few Adobe printable tips, and then hang it up on your fridge or add it to your maid of honor folder.

Free printable checklist


The bride may ask you to go shopping for her wedding dress and to assist in choosing the bridesmaid dresses. It will be up to you to give an honest opinion, as she trusts you to help her look her very best.


It is up to you to make sure the wedding shower is coordinated. You don't necessarily have to host one, but if a family member such as a sister or cousin doesn't take the initiative, it will be up to you or another member of the bridal party to step up.

The maid of honor will help organize the opening of the gifts at the bridal shower. You or a designated bridesmaid will be handing them to the bride and helping to whisk away the wrappings. The maid of honor should also make sure there is someone available to make a note of each gift, being sure to mark down the gift giver's name after each item.

Thank you cards are also on the list of maid of honor duties. If the bride needs help writing thank you's for the shower gifts, you should be available to help.

Wedding Invitations and Favors

If the bride is having a large wedding, she may need help writing out the invitations or stamping the envelopes. The maid of honor and other members of the bridal party should make themselves available for this task.

If wedding favors are to be assembled, the maid of honor will be put to work helping the bride.

The Maid of Honor's Duties on the Big Day

This is the day when maid of honor's duties are the most extensive. You're expected to be at the bride's house early to help her dress, and if needed, assist her with hair and makeup. If she will be going to the hairdresser prior to getting dressed, it's the maid of honor who is expected to drive her there.

The Ceremony and Photographs

The maid of honor is to carry the ring intended for the groom and make sure the bride looks her very best at all times. This includes straightening her train and veil as often as necessary so it looks perfect in wedding photographs. She will also hold the bride's wedding bouquet as she and her groom recite their vows.

The maid of honor will walk down the aisle on the arm of the best man at the end of the ceremony and stand up for the bride by witnessing the wedding. She will also be expected to appear in numerous wedding photographs. If there is a receiving line, the maid of honor will be expected to greet the guests.

After photographs are taken, the bride will probably need help bustling her gown. For this reason, it would be a good idea for the maid of honor to have attended the bride's final fitting. The alterations expert can give a run-through on how the bustle works.

The Reception

At the reception, the maid of honor will be expected to have at least one dance with the best man and perhaps even make a speech. She'll also be expected to sit at the head table with the newlyweds. Of course, none of these tasks are unpleasant so it will be no problem to handle them in a gracious manner.

Support the Bride

The bride no doubt chooses a maid of honor she entrusts with these responsibilities. This friend or family member is there to support her and help her to remain calm and organized. She must be a very special person!

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Maid of Honor's Duties