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Quirky Mad Hatter cakes for a wedding are fun, modern creations. The whimsical appeal of a Mad Hatter cake is the obvious misalignment of cake tiers, but bridal couples aren't limited to extreme or weird designs. They can choose a traditional wedding cake design if preferred.

About Mad Hatter Cakes

A mad hatter wedding cake is also known as a "topsy-turvy" cake. The major component of a mad hatter cake is that it has angled tiers that make it look like it may fall down. Other common elements of a mad hatter cake for a wedding include:

  • The base of each tier may be slightly smaller than the top of the tier, adding to the unbalanced look of the cake.
  • Cake edges may be rounded instead of sharp, softening the look of the cake, making it look less precise.
  • Vibrant and unusual color schemes are used, with combinations like red, orange, and yellow or green, purple, and black.

Most mad hatter cakes are round cakes, cut on a slant and then stacked using cake boards and dowels or sturdy straws. However, square wedding cakes are also used for making this style of cake. Baking a cake in a more complicated shape, such as a hexagon or heart, might prove difficult to cut and stack into a mad hatter style.

While a mad hatter cake can be made with buttercream, many of them are covered in fondant. Fondant creates a smooth look and allows decorators to add extra elements to the overall design.

Single tier wedding cakes are possible in the mad hatter style, but most are approximately three to five tiers in height. Over five tiers will make it difficult to stack and transport the cakes to the wedding reception hall or venue.

Ideas for Mad Hatter Wedding Cakes

Although many people may associate the term "mad hatter" with Alice in Wonderland, a mad hatter wedding cake is not usually decorated like the popular book or movie. Whimsical designs are common for these cakes, although elegant designs work well with these tiered cakes.

Whimsical Mad Hatter Cakes

A whimsical cake often has bright colors and color combinations. Don't rule out bright greens, neon pinks, or shocking yellow just because it's a wedding cake. Instead, embrace the style of the mad hatter and go all out for the cake. Decorate your one-of-a-kind wedding cake with one of these ideas:

  • Mismatched Tiers: Decorate one tier with stripes, another with diamonds and a third with polka dots in your wedding colors.
  • Animal Instinct: Paint zebra stripes in funky colors, like bright pink and green, on each tier of the cake.
  • Geometrical Patterns: Make a star pattern all over the bottom tier, with diamonds on the second and a hexagonal border around the top tier.
  • Seasonal Accents: Add in seasonal accents to your cake, such as fondant fall leaves, white snowflakes, or summery bright sunflowers.
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Themed wedding cakes are also possible in the mad hatter design. For example, make a castle for a Cinderella wedding that has every tower set askew. Turn a mad hatter cake into a forest scene for a hunting groom's cake. Ask your decorator if you can view wedding cake photos in the mad hatter style for additional inspiration, and to judge just how creative they can be with your design.

Elegant Mad Hatter Cakes

Mad hatter wedding cakes do not have to be crazy wedding cake designs to be unique. Just because you desire a uniquely shaped wedding cake does not mean you cannot have traditional decorations.

Incorporate traditional wedding cake decorations, such as fondant pearls, gum paste flowers, lace imprints, quilting, and piped buttercream scrollwork into your cake. Make your cake just like other rolled fondant wedding cakes, except that it is in the mad hatter shape. Combining a trendy tiered shape with the customary decorations is a creative way to make your cake unique.

Mad hatter wedding cakes are a contemporary take on traditional wedding cake designs. They are perfect for a modern wedding or if you simply want to add a fun twist to the traditional wedding cake.

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