Lucky in Love Personalized Deck of Cards Wedding Favors

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A lucky in love personalized deck of cards is a fun idea for wedding favors. This is especially true if you're planning a Las Vegas style wedding reception. Even if your wedding reception is more traditional, you can capitalize on this cute 'lucky in love' theme for wedding favors your guests will appreciate.

Why Lucky in Love Card Favors?

A personalized deck of cards with a 'luck' theme are cute, fun, and fairly inexpensive. Since they can be customized with the names of you and your new spouse, as well as your wedding date, these favors are also an original and memorable choice for your wedding. Why choose these cards as favors? Couples may want a deck of personalized, Vegas, or luck-themed cards for a number of reasons, including:

  • Getting married in Las Vegas and having a reception back home to celebrate.
  • Having a Vegas-themed reception at a hall or other venue.
  • Having a game oriented reception.
  • One or both spouses enjoy card games or gambling.
  • The happy couple met at a casino.
  • Belief in fate, and giving found the one right person for you to marry.
  • Having a fun and informal reception.
  • Vegas favors add a unique twist on traditional wedding favors.

Where to Buy Lucky in Love Personalized Deck of Cards Wedding Favors

Whether or not you actually get married in a Vegas chapel, you can still utilize these fun favors. Your best 'bet' for a personalized lucky deck of cards is to check out favor and wedding retailers. These suppliers usually have a broader range of interesting favors than standard party, department, or craft stores, and often have personalization options available. You may pay a printing set up fee, and then a specified price (usually several dollars or less) for each set of cards. Often the more decks of cards you order the lower the individual deck price will be. Sites selling these favors may also have easy online forms to order as well.

You can purchase these card decks at the following retailers:

  • Custom Wedding: This retailer offers variety of card deck favors, including a white 'lucky in love' option, white with black print and the graphic is a pair of dice with hearts rather than dots. Personalization is available.
  • Monogrammatiks: This retailer specializes in custom and limited edition playing cards. Among their portfolio are various Vegas graphics and a 'lucky in love' set in red and black with linked hearts against a white background that can be customized with names and dates.
  • Cool Party Favors: This store has two 'lucky' personalized card deck styles available - a red background with white printing and dice, or a black with pink Vegas-sign style deck.

If you are looking for more lucky-themed favors, consider using lottery tickets to symbolize your luck in love. Or, browse bridal and party retailers for more options such as: personalized poker chips, chocolate bars or mint packs with Vegas-themed wrappers, and lucky in love candles, soaps, or bottle stoppers. Whatever types of favors you choose whether you opt for lucky in love personalized deck of cards wedding favors or take a gamble on another option, you'll be sure to share with your guests how lucky you are to have found the love of your life.

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Lucky in Love Personalized Deck of Cards Wedding Favors