List of Wedding Themes

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vintage winter wedding theme
Vintage winter wedding theme

Use a list of wedding themes to help narrow down your wedding theme choices for the big day. Many couples are choosing to have a theme incorporated into their wedding day that reflects their personalities, the season or even a hobby. Before you start your wedding plans, consider whether a theme is right for you.

Choose a Wedding Theme

A fairly recent trend for weddings in the latter part of the twentieth century was to take the typical wedding fare and mold it around a particular theme that extends beyond love and marriage. From simple themes like hearts and wedding bells to elaborate Las Vegas style shindigs, themed weddings have become a new tradition in wedding planning.

Couples who want a themed wedding should choose carefully. Some themes are easier to incorporate into a wedding without overwhelming the entire event, whereas others can be turned into a grand wedding completely immersed in the theme. Decide what kind of wedding suits your personality and go with a theme that fits. For example, a wedding theme built around roses is fairly simple and traditional, while a Celtic wedding theme often needs more planning.

Short List of Wedding Themes

The amount of themes available to anyone who is wedding planning is virtually endless. Write down your own list of wedding themes and choose from the ones that interest you, or pick one from some suggestions below.


Seasonal themes are frequently incorporated into weddings. They provide a cohesive aspect to the wedding without overwhelming it. Additionally, picking up seasonal wedding flowers and decorations often helps lower the budget. Seasonal themes include:

Autumn Theme Weddings
  • Winter: A winter wonderland wedding theme is common in the months of December through February. Snowflakes, snowmen, ice skating and other outdoor activities can be incorporated into a wedding. Shimmery silver, blues, lavenders and pinks are pretty winter colors for a wedding.
  • Spring/Summer: Spring and summer wedding themes might include butterflies, gardens, birds or beach wedding themes. Pastel colors are common in the spring, while summer weddings feature bright and vibrant hues.
  • Fall: Autumn themes have a rich color scheme. The theme often includes fall leaves, harvest bounty, and pumpkins.

In addition to seasonal themes, couples who plan their weddings close to a major holiday may use the holiday as their wedding theme. Christmas themed weddings, Valentine themed weddings and Halloween weddings are all commonly used holiday themes. Weddings near the 4th of July may have a patriotic theme.

Hobbies and Interests

Couples who share the same hobbies and interests may want to include them into a wedding theme. These themes include:

  • Sports and Recreation Themes: Football, basketball, golf, running, skiing, swimming, hiking, race car driving, baseball, hockey
  • Hobby Themes: Airplanes, movies, television shows, licensed characters from books or comic books, motorcycles, wine tasting, gambling, board games, boating
  • Vocational Themes: Firefighter, policemen, military, salon stylists, teachers, doctors, sales, farmers/ranchers

Color Themes

One of the simplest wedding themes to plan is one that is based on a color scheme. Picking a wedding color palate is an important decision that every couple makes and is most evident in the wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses and a few reception decorations. However, you can take that color scheme to the extreme for a sophisticated color theme. For example, bring in table and chair covers in the colors scheme, hang fabric on walls in the color scheme and only use lighting that reflects the color scheme.

More Wedding Themes

The list of wedding themes continues with themes like:

Wester wedding hats Western theme wedding hats
  • Apples, citrus fruits, pears
  • Two peas in a pod
  • "Bling" themes, which incorporate lots of rhinestones, shimmer and sparkle
  • Cinderella or fairytale
  • Renaissance or medieval times
  • Hollywood
  • Past decades, like the Roaring '20s or hippy '70s
  • Country-western or even a BBQ wedding
  • Lighthouse
  • Victorian
  • Cultural themes

Hosting a wedding with a theme is a big task that requires a little extra planning to bring it all together. Couples need to access their inner wedding planners or consider hiring a wedding planner to help bring a large-scale theme to life.

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List of Wedding Themes