John Deere Wedding Cakes

john deere wedding cake

John Deere cakes for a wedding aren't just for grooms' cakes. Couples hosting a country-themed wedding can enjoy a country style wedding cake featuring the famous farm manufacturer's colors and logo.

Tractor Cakes

Incorporating a John Deere tractor into a wedding cake offers plenty of options for couples who love the company. Use a tractor in the following ways:

  • Western Wedding Cake Toppers: Use tractors as cake toppers, whether it is a molded gum paste or plastic topper. Place the bride and groom next to the tractor, or get bendable figurines that can sit atop the tractor.
  • Scene Setter: Set a scene using a tractor or two on a tiered cake. Create farm scenes with wheat, corn, or beans around the base of cake tiers and add miniature tractors around the top of the base below.
  • Wedding Sheet Cake: Skip the traditional tiered cake and instead serve single layer cakes in the shape of a John Deere tractor. Use the actual licensed pan or decorate a cake from a generic tractor pan in signature John Deere green and yellow. Place these cakes down a long rectangular table as part of the centerpieces.

More Ideas for John Deere Wedding Cakes

John Deere cakes are not limited to just tractor designs. Go beyond the typical tractor for a truly creative wedding cake featuring John Deere.

John Deere Equipment

Just because you love John Deere equipment does not mean you have to use a tractor on your wedding cake. Remember that combines, wagons, and other farm equipment can also be easily added to a cake topper or farm scene.

If you happen to enjoy mowing the lawn or snow blowing with your John Deere machinery, include those themes in your wedding cake design. The Gator utility vehicle is another popular machine to use as part of a cake.

Playful John Deere Cakes

A John Deere cake does not have to have actual equipment on the wedding cake. Instead, use these ideas for a unique twist:

  • Tiered Tires: Create a four or six tier wedding cake using round cakes that have been covered in molded fondant to look like the treads of tractor tires. Top it off with a John Deere tractor or combine.
  • Logo Love: The John Deere logo is a yellow deer outlined by a yellow box. Use this logo on sheet cake squares or cut yellow fondant using a template into the shape of a deer. The yellow will stand out against a white, green, or even brown fondant covered cake.
  • Hats Off: Top a tiered cake with a cap that features a John Deere logo or tractor. Sculpt the cap and then cover with fondant before placing on the top of the cake. This can also serve as the top tier, so couples can save it for their first anniversary.

If you do not want to use the John Deere logo or equipment in your wedding cake, you still have several options for incorporating John Deere elements. The signature John Deere green and yellow colors are recognizable by those who love the company. Use these colors against a white fondant or buttercream frosting to create a hint of John Deere theme without going overboard. Polka dots, plaid borders, large fondant bows, and stripes are all great ways to incorporate John Deere colors. Virtually any cake with an abstract theme or design can use the green and yellow colors.

John Deere Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcake wedding cakes are more popular than ever. Create a wedding cake with a John Deere theme using cupcakes by:

  • Frosting cupcakes in green and yellow and placing them in a cake stand
  • Topping cupcakes with plastic toothpicks that feature a John Deere motif
  • Arrange frosted cupcakes on a large cake table in the shape of a tractor or the John Deere logo (frost each one a single color and then arrange as a group to form a complete image)
  • Set up a large scale John Deere tractor and wagon on a cake table, filling the wagon with cupcakes that have bright yellow and green wrappers

John Deere wedding cakes are a great addition to a country western or agriculture themed wedding. With plenty of cake design options available from tractors to green polka dots, you can create the John Deere cake of your dreams.

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