Italian Wedding Candy

Satin wedding favor bags and Jordan almonds

Whether you are planning a large Catholic wedding or just want a bit of Italy in your event, Italian candy brings a traditional feel to your wedding. Serve these sweet treats at the reception or send them home as candy wedding favors for your guests.


Thought to encourage conception, the candy coated almond is often presented to the wedding couple. Sugared almonds are also sometimes used in place of a cake in traditional Italian weddings. Traditionally five almonds are presented to each recipient and are intended to represent fertility, happiness, health, longevity, and wealth. Since fresh almonds are slightly bitter, the sugar coating is supposed to represent the sweetness of the union that makes life less bitter.

Where to Buy Italian Wedding Candy

There are several online retailers that offer Italian wedding candy. Also known as Jordan Almonds, they are available in many pastel colors but traditionally are served only in white. If you cannot find them at your local candy store, you can opt to purchase your wedding candy online.

  • Jordan Almonds is the flagship store and sells a huge variety of colors and weights.
  • Oh Nuts! offers traditional white Jordan almonds and even gold or silver dusted. Bulk quantities are also sold at discounted prices which is beneficial if you have a large number of guests.
  • Candy Warehouse sells in five pound bags or a ten pound case.
  • Candy Favorites sells in both five and ten pound bags and offers free shipping for many of its packages.

Presentation Options

The presentation of Italian wedding candy is typically in a bomboniere, which is Italian for little gift. This can be either a wedding favor bag or a wedding favor box. Whichever you plan to use, add a custom printed ribbon to make it more personal.

Favor Bags

Usually made of organza or tulle, sheer favor bags are easy to make. Simply cut the fabric into eight inch squares until you have the number of bags you need. Place five sugar coated almonds into the center of each square. Gather the fabric together and tie with a ribbon. If you prefer to buy the bags already made, they are readily available at craft stores and party stores.

Favor Boxes

There are many options for wedding favor boxes. Whether you choose a clear plastic box or a more formal glossy ivory, craft stores carry a large variety in both individual and discounted multi-packs, and even unique designs and different shapes. If you prefer to construct your own, consider downloading a box template and fashioning the boxes from heavy weight card stock. Add a custom flair by printing a message to each guest before cutting and assembling the box.

Regardless of the choice of color or presentation, providing the background of the meaning of your wedding favor is sure to make the treat more meaningful. Take the time to thank your guests and explain why you appreciate their presence on this important day in your life. This simple gesture will ensure your guests know how much they mean to you.

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