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 Beach Candle

When searching for wedding favors for a romantic island ceremony, you may opt for an exotic token. Tropical flavored teas or handmade sea shell picture frames are just a couple of the options you have for wedding favors when you choose an island wedding theme.

Deciding on the Favor

With the increase in destinations and beach weddings, more brides are on the lookout for island wedding favors. There are dozens of options, from practical to playful, but there are a couple of aspects you may want to take into consideration when deciding.

Wedding Colors

First, you may want to consider your wedding colors. If your wedding colors include tropical reds and oranges, a brightly colored keychain featuring a pair of mini flip-flops might be appropriate. For a more neutral or pastel color scheme, the soft tones of a large, pretty sea shell filled with candy might work well.

Budget, Time, and Weather

You also want to consider your budget, time of day, and weather patterns where your nuptials will take place. Since wedding favors range widely in price, establishing your budget at the outset is important. Pricing generally ranges between under a dollar up to five dollars, but specialty favors may cost more.

The time of your wedding is another consideration -- a midday wedding will melt island wedding favors made of white chocolate palm trees. If your wedding site typically has unpredictable winds, light favors, such as message scrolls, might be easily blown away.

Personal Interests

Another aspect that will influence your favor choice is you and your future spouse's personal interests. If you are both avid fans of water sports, you may want to consider incorporating that into your island favors. Do you love dolphins? Is your soon-to-be spouse a big fan of fishing? Considering your personalities and interests will add a personal and memorable touch to your favor.

Island Wedding Favors Ideas

Once you've thought a bit about these aspects, it's time to compare favor ideas! Here are a few examples of what's available.

Food and Drink

  • Marguerita or pina colada drink mix favors
  • Sand dollar or starfish shaped cookies
  • Personalized candy bars with island-theme wrapper
  • Mini beach pails filled with candy
  • Chocolates molded in shells or other island themed shapes
  • Mini beach pails filled with candy
  • Hawaiian coffee favors

Photo Frames

  • Mini lighthouse frames
  • Porcelain beach chair frames
  • Wooden surfboard frames
  • Pewter sandcastle frames
  • Flip-flop picture frames
  • Bright floral photo frames


  • Sea shell embellished candles
  • Coconut scented candles
  • Hibiscus or tropical flower molded candles
  • Palm tree candles
  • Sea turtle tealites
  • Starfish tealites
  • Sand and sea shell tealite lamps


  • Molded shell and palm tree decorative soaps
  • Mini sailboat ornaments
  • Mini sea creature charms
  • Sailboat keepsake boxes


  • Nautical themed luggage tags
  • Island themed drink coasters
  • Tropical fish, dolphin, or sea shell wine stoppers
  • Tropical themed wine charms
  • Beach theme bookmarks
  • Island theme spreading knives
  • Tropical bottle openers
  • Seashell appetizer picks
  • Mini ocean theme scrapbooks


  • Flip-flop playing cards
  • Mini beach bags
  • Beach in a bottle favor
  • 'At the beach' door hanger or plaque
  • Bright sun visors or inexpensive sunglasses

For unique island wedding favors, check out Conch King. They sell unique, handmade favors made from various sea shells. Although a bit on the pricy side as far as wedding favors go, these favors are certainly unique, including rare decorated shells and beautiful shell lamps.

Wrapping It Up

Whatever you ultimately choose for your island wedding favors, you also need to consider how you will package it. Consider how you will package the favor, in a box, bag, envelope, or other container.

If you plan on additional wrapping, tulle or organza circles or squares are a good standby. You could also consider tropical wrapping paper, island themed tissue paper, brightly colored cellophane, or even mini island themed gift bags.

A tag with your names and wedding date adds a nice touch. You can purchase them with island themes, or simply make your own by printing on some cardstock. Affix with matching ribbon, and add embellishments such as island charms, mini drink umbrellas, tropical stickers, beach photos, or mini sea shells.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to island weddings, choosing simple decor and favors is the way to go. With the ocean as your backdrop, there's no need for elaborate decorations. As long as your favors are in keeping with your wedding colors and theme, your wedding will be perfect.

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