Tavern on the Green's Executive Pastry Chef on Wedding Cakes

8-tier peach floral wedding cake by Jasmine Bojic

A pastry chef can give you a glimpse of behind-the-scenes activities that go into creating stunning wedding cakes. Tips on how to select the best wedding cake design for your special day can help you make that important decision.

Chef Bojic's Background

LoveToKnow (LTK): How did you get into the cake design business and how did you come to work at Tavern on the Green?

Jasmine Bojic (JB): During my schooling in the pastry arts, I discovered my talent for cake design. When I heard about the position at Tavern, I knew it was the place for me due to the variety of pastry arts and cake decorating.

3-tier wedding cake with red and orange flowers

Wedding Cakes at Tavern on the Green

LTK: On average, how long does it take to create a wedding cake, and what's involved in the process?

JB: It depends on the style and details. For example - sugar flowers take more time than real flowers. Customers are always involved in the process, you must interpret their dreams, ideas and vision into a beautiful design.

LTK: How many people assist with each cake?

JB: This also depends on the complexity and size of the design. It usually varies from 1-5 assistants.

4-tier white wedding cake by Jasmine Bojic

Wedding Cake Designs

LTK: Some of the most popular articles at LoveToKnow Weddings are those featuring wedding cake photos. Does it seem like everyone is straying from the usual two or three tiered cake with plastic "husband and wife" perched on top, in favor of something a bit more unique?

JB: Absolutely, the clients always have their ideas and want to participate.

Taste vs. Design

LTK: Are most couples less interested in taste than they are design?

JB: A wedding cake is a visual piece of art. It has to look appealing, and when the cake looks perfect, people expect it to taste perfect. Couples always choose their favorite filling.

Unique Designs

LTK: What are some of the more unique requests you've received?

JB: Some of the most unique requests I have received include castle cakes, cupcake wedding cakes and cakes with paintings.

4-tier wedding cake with red sugar flowers

Chef Bojic's Favorite Cakes and Trends

LTK: What are your favorite types of cakes to create?

JB: My favorite are round, stacked cakes covered in fondant, decorated with sugar flowers and airbrushed with artistic designs.

LTK: Have you noticed any trends lately?

JB: Yes: fondant drapes, pearl dots, and colors.

Wedding Cake Advice and Tips

LTK: What are some common mistakes couples make when choosing a wedding cake?

JB: Choosing flavors that do not go together.

4-tier round wedding cake with flowers and ribbons

LTK: What tips can you offer to those shopping for cakes for their own weddings?

JB: Go with simple elegant, traditional flavors. The easiest way to is to search through a wide variety of photos.

LTK: Many couples like to store the leftover cake in their freezer in anticipation of their first wedding anniversary. What storage tips can you offer?

JB: Store in cake in a container that is as airtight as possible.

Celebrity Cakes

LTK: Let's dish. Tell us about some of your famous customers. Do you design cakes for celebrities?

JB: A few of our celebrity customers include Phyllis George, Lori Loughlin and Kate Burton.

Chocolate wedding cake with autumn floral cascade

LTK: Are the rumors true? Are celebrities more difficult to work with?

JB: No, they are actually easier. They know exactly what they want and know how they want it to look and taste.

4-tier wedding cake with orange roses

Wedding Cake Mishaps

LTK: Finally, are there any interesting "wedding cake" stories or mishaps you'd like to share?

JB: Imagine a "cupcake wedding cake" and too many kids tasting the cupcakes with their fingers and secretly taking cupcakes! Only half of the cupcakes were left for the cake cutting ceremony. Another mishap included a photographer who took pictures during the ceremony and later realized there was no film in the camera. We had cut up the cake and plated half of it. We stopped, fixed the cake as best as possible and let him take pictures again - this time with film.

Tavern on the Green Today

Editor's Note: At the time of the original interivew, Tavern on the Green was a fully operating restaurant in New York City's Central Park. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed in 2009. Today, it has been reopened as a visitor's center with mobile food vendors.

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