Interracial Wedding Cake Toppers

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There are a variety of interracial wedding cake toppers available for the perfect finishing touch on the wedding cake. Couples want their weddings to reflect their own unique relationship, and today there are many choices rather than a standard 'one size fits all' topper.

Choosing the Right Topper for Your Wedding Cake

The cake topper is focal point of the wedding cake. The type of topper a couple chooses usually harmonizes with their overall wedding them and style. A formal wedding might have an elegant topper of a couple dancing, while a more informal wedding might have humorous or whimsical figures atop their wedding confection. Today there are toppers reflecting many different ethnicities for brides and grooms to choose from. Let's take a look at what's available.

Interchangeable Cake Toppers

This innovative cake topper idea allows couples to choose the topper figures, perfect for interracial couples who want a personalized topper. These mix and match style toppers may stand side by side or be affixed together to create a single base. Couples can typically choose skin color and hair color for the groom and bride figurine to resemble their own. The bride figurines are available in various dress styles as well. Common materials include resin and porcelain, but other materials may be available as well.

Custom Interracial Wedding Cake Toppers

In addition to mix and match type cake toppers, some companies also take custom orders or special requests for interracial wedding toppers. You may be able to select specific skin tone, hair color, and even gowns, flower, accessories, and other details for the bride and groom figurine. Be aware that there are typically additional charges for special request or custom cake toppers of this nature. Stores that offer custom interracial toppers include:

When ordering a personalized or custom interracial cake topper, remember to order early. Special request toppers may require as much as eighteen weeks or more to be received.

Personalized Photo Toppers for Interracial Couples

Another option for interracial couples to choose a cake top is to consider a photo topper. These toppers can serve as a keepsake or decorative piece after the wedding. Two types of toppers are available - those that serve as photo holders, and those with an actual photo of the couple imprinted on the piece. For an interracial couple that can't find the right topper, or that just wants the ultimate in personalization, something like the Heart Photo Frame Topper from Advantage Bridal can be a great option.

More Cake Topper Ideas

Although a bride and groom figurine is one of the most traditional types of wedding cake toppers, couples aren't restricted when it comes to personalizing their wedding cake. Special items that represent the bride and groom's heritages or backgrounds can be a tasteful and special alternative. Monogrammed toppers can create an elegant and personalized finish to the cake as well. There are also a variety of unique toppers available, from modern artistry to whimsical hearts, florals, doves, and more.

Whatever topper a couple chooses, by making it personal it can create a meaningful signature for a one-of-a-kind wedding cake -- and a special keepsake thereafter.

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Interracial Wedding Cake Toppers