Instructions for Bridal Bouquets

Beautiful flowers compliment the bride.

Finding instructions to make bridal bouquets can save time while helping you create a beautiful arrangement. There are many fantastic bridal bouquet ideas you can make so your wedding day is a truly extraordinary event. You can choose an elaborate bouquet design or opt for a simple, elegant one.

Essential Instructions for Bridal Bouquets

You will need to gather a few supplies and materials before you begin. Just follow the instructions and you'll end up with your ideal bridal bouquet.


It is obviously very important to first make sure that you have all the necessary materials to make a bridal bouquet. You will need some floral wire, floral tape or stem wrap tape, and a bouquet collar (if you plan on using one), as well as any necessary flowers, greenery, and ribbons.

Bouquet Size

The bouquet should not be too large to hold. In fact, the bouquet should compliment the bouquet holder. The best way to determine the specific size of the bouquet is to look in the mirror while you are wearing your wedding dress to determine the exact shape and size that best fits your desires, dress, and body shape.

How to Hold the Bouquet

Holding the bouquet might seem like a very easy task, but you should always make sure that you know how to do so properly before the ceremony, instead of worrying about it when you actually need to hold the bouquet. You will hold the bouquet with both hands, with your arms in a slightly downward position so that they are resting comfortably just beneath your waistline and the bodice of your dress is visible.


The flowers you choose should compliment the dress and specifically the design of the dress. The flowers should also work well with your height and body shape. For instance, petite brides should have petite bridal bouquets, and tall brides should have taller bouquets. The shape of the bouquet should be proportional to the body shape of the bride.

When deciding on the specific type of flowers you want in your bouquet, it is very important to keep in mind the location where you will be having the wedding, and also the season. You may find that the flowers you want will not be in season, or will not look as great as you want them, or will not compliment the location and setting. You want the flowers to work wonderfully with the ambiance and actually compliment the setting and location of the wedding. Try to compliment the seasons if you can. For instance try a Christmas wedding bouquet if you are getting married during the Christmas holiday.


Flower Stems

Bouquets look best when they have flower stems showing, though the final decision is a matter of opinion - make sure you're getting the bouquet you want.

Tossing the Bouquet

A bridal bouquet can be very heavy, and many brides actually have two bouquets. One bouquet is for the bride, and the other is designed specifically for the purpose of tossing the bouquet. This also allows you to keep the original bouquet as a memento if desired.

Preparing the Flowers

If you are using fresh flowers for the bouquet, the first thing you must do is to soak the flowers in a preservative solution for a few hours in order to better preserve them so that the bouquet can last longer.

Wrapping the Wire

Wrap the wire loosely in a spiral around the entire length of the stems to secure them. Then cut the bottom of the stems before you wrap them in the floral tape or stem wrap tape.

Taping Wired Stems

Wrap a piece of the stem wrap tape or floral tape around the top portion of the wire and place some pressure on it to make sure that it stays secure. Turn and move the stems, stretching them and pulling the tape downward to secure them all. The tape should be securely wrapped around the stems and wires without any spaces.

Wrapping Stems with Ribbon

Place hot glue at the end of the ribbon about an inch from the bottom of the stems. Pull the ribbon around the bottom of the stems and cautiously wrap up the entire length of the stems, making sure not to break them. Use hot glue at the top to keep in place and trim any excess ribbons you do not want. Adding knots, twists, or braids to the ribbon can be an appealing accent.

A Final Note

It's better to keep the bouquet simple instead of trying to go for something elaborate which might distract from the bride and the dress. Different instructions for bridal bouquets can help you find just the style you're looking for, but don't be afraid to experiment to create the bouquet of your dreams.

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Instructions for Bridal Bouquets