Bridal Bouquets Made from Hydrangeas

hydrangea wedding bouquet

A hydrangea bridal bouquet can be a lovely simple flower arrangement or part of a more complex wedding bouquet, but either way these small, romantic flowers add elegance to any wedding flowers.

About Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a relatively simple flower with dozens of compact blooms in a naturally rounded cluster on each stem. The lovely light smell of hydrangea is sweet but not overpowering, and the fact that these beautiful blooms are at their peak from early spring through the fall months makes them the perfect choice for many bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements. Bloom sizes for complete bundles range from two or three inches across to larger variations that may stretch six or seven inches, and individual flowers are delicate and symmetrical with a rounded star shape.Hydrangea is available in a wide range of colors, making it suitable for nearly any wedding palette. Popular shades include:

  • Hydrangea Flowers
    Purple: Hues range from a faint lilac to a bold, rich violet.
  • Pink: Pale pinks, mauve, wine, and burgundy shades are bridal favorites.
  • White: Bright white and cream shades are both available, as well as an antique white with yellow, sage, mauve, or tan undertones.
  • Blue: From sky blue to rich navy, hydrangea can easily be a bride's "something blue."
  • Blends: Specialized hydrangea blooms can blend two colors together for a rich contrast. Pink and purple, burgundy and yellow, and blue and green blends can be found, as well as darker shades tinged with white.
  • Tints: Hydrangea flowers are easy for any wedding florist to artificially tint to coordinate with a bride's wedding colors, such as green or orange.

Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet Designs

A hydrangea wedding bouquet can take several shapes, and the blooms are easy to use in a variety of configurations.

  • wedding bouquet in blue
    Bundles: Pure bundles of hydrangea can be tied together for a uniform and luxurious simple wedding bouquet. Augmenting the blooms with greenery as a base or accent is also popular.
  • Scattered: Hydrangea is the perfect choice to intersperse evenly with other, larger blooms such as roses, daisies, or lilies for a highly textured yet subtly coordinated bridal bouquet.
  • Filler: A bridal bouquet may use these robust stems as filler between several other types of flowers to make the arrangement larger and more dramatic without drastically increasing the price. Hydrangea can be used throughout the bouquet, clustered in the center, or arranged in a ring around other central flowers.

Finding Hydrangea

Hydrangea is widely popular and most florists will have easy access to the blooms during the spring and summer months. Savvy brides with an eye on their floral budget may consider creating their own hydrangea bridal bouquet by simply grouping several clusters of blooms together and tying them with a coordinating ribbon for an easy do-it-yourself arrangement. If hydrangea blooms are not readily available, however, fresh stems can easily be ordered from wholesale floral nurseries, including:


Prices range from $50 to $130 or higher for a set of 10 or 12 stems, each of which will have a generous bundle of flowers. The exact costs depend on the size and color of the flowers, the preferred length of stems, total quantity, the season, and the destination for shipping costs.

Flower Care

When shipped hydrangea blooms arrive, they should be carefully unpacked and hydrated. If the blooms have wilted, they can be misted or submerged in cold water if necessary to revitalize them. Properly cared for, hydrangea blooms should last between four and seven days before wilting, and larger blooms will generally be the first to show signs of stress.

More Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

A hydrangea bridal bouquet can be a lovely option for any bride, but adding hydrangea blooms to the other wedding flower arrangements will help create a more dramatic, coordinated look for superior wedding decorations. Additional hydrangea use options include:

Bridesmaid Wedding Flowers
  • Adding volume to wedding reception centerpieces
  • Using single stems with ribbons as pew or aisle decorations
  • Using a stem of hydrangea as a simple floral wedding cake topper
  • Using small blooms as corsages or boutonnières
  • Creating a hydrangea kissing ball for the flower girl to carry
  • Decorating a wedding arch with bundles of complimentary shades
  • Using single blooms as delicate hair accessories
  • Creating simple bridesmaid bouquets to coordinate with the hydrangea bridal bouquet

Hydrangea is a lovely, versatile flower that looks stunning as a bridal bouquet or part of other wedding floral arrangements. Easy to find, available in rainbow of colors, and with a luscious full shape, hydrangea is sure to add distinction to any bouquet or wedding décor.

Bridal Bouquets Made from Hydrangeas