Hunting-Themed Groom's Cakes

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Duck hunting groom's cake by BettyCakes | Photo courtesy BettyCakes

Having a groom's cake in addition to the traditional wedding cake shows the groom he hasn't been forgotten during all the reception preparations. If your fiancé is an avid hunter, a hunting-theme groom's cake in his favorite flavor will make a wonderful surprise on your wedding day.

Hunting Theme Cake Designs

The design for the groom's cake is not limited to sheet cakes with hunting figurines on top. The cake can range from an elegant tiered design with hunting accents to a sculpted cake in the shape of his favorite sporting animal.

Tiered Designs

A tiered cake will offer a lot of options for your decorating taste. Each tier could reflect a different part of hunting. The bottom tier could be airbrushed in green camouflage, the middle tier could be a beige color with fondant antlers and the top tier could depict a fall foliage motif.

Tiers can also be used to carry out a scene using gum paste or fondant figurines. A cake topper of a hunter with rifle can sit atop the cake. At the bottom could be the game he is hunting. Miniature trees, bushes and leaves will provide the décor for the rest of the cake.

Sculpted Cakes

A sculpted cake can be done in shapes that reflect your hunter's personality. Consider the following ideas:

  • Hunting cap
  • Orange vest
  • Bullet or shotgun shell shape
  • Feathers
  • Deer stand
  • Antlers
  • Hunting dog
  • Animal shape (duck, pheasant, quail, turkey, deer)

A shaped cake may require a heavier cake batter or need special supports inserted into the cake. Filling choices may also be limited. Ask your baker about any special considerations that a shaped cake will involve. Be sure to get special cake cutting instructions becauseyou do not want any supports to be cut or inedible parts ending up in slices.

Sheet Cake Designs

Hunting theme edible image cake topper

A sheet cake can depict hunting scenes using plastic figurines and frosting. This is a good way to save money, as novice cake decorators can often purchase a hunting cake decorating kit that can be used with a homemade cake, instead of contracting a baker.

Airbrushed or piped images can also be done in the image of your spouse's favorite game.

Make a sheet cake truly personal by taking advantage of the new edible imaging technology. A photo of him with his biggest kill or favorite hunting dog will truly make the groom's cake unique, but you can also go with a pre-made edible image that suits your theme.

Examples of Hunting Grooms Cakes

Look at grooms' cake pictures to get ideas for the cake design. You can get great ideas from your baker in his/her portfolio or view images online to find out what a hunting theme cake can look like.

  • Cakes Decor: This site has lots of ideas, from a deer head, to camouflage fondant, to an elegant white cake with a hunting motif done in black silhouette.
  • Hunter Scenes by Earlene's Cakes: View several hunting themed cakes by this decorator.
  • Wide Open Spaces: An article featuring 10 different ideas for hunter-themed grooms' cakes.
  • Cake with Antlers: An elegant, yet rustic take on the hunting theme, this cake has chocolate fondant frosting with antlers used as extra decorations.

Wedding cakes use a variety of special icings and decorating techniques. The hunting design you choose might dictate what kind of icing you have and whether or not it is possible to have particular fillings. Keep in mind that the more labor intense your groom's cake idea is, the more costly the cake will be.

Hunting Cake Table

Create a special area just for your husband's hunting grooms cake. Cover the table in a camo or bright orange tablecloth. Place picture frames with hunting photos on the table. Use faux leaves and moss around the bottom of the cake. Situate hunting figurines around the table, along with any awards he may have received in competitions.

Do not forget to pick up some novelty items for the groom's cake table. A faux antler cake serving set is perfect for cutting the cake and guests can use deer head napkins for crumbs.

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Hunting-Themed Groom's Cakes