How to Make a Wedding Veil

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Creating a simple veil is easy and affordable.

Learning how to make a wedding veil can save you a lot of money when it comes to your wedding attire budget.

Veil Tools and Supplies

Bridal veils range from $50 dollars to more than several hundred dollars. Save yourself money and make your own. Even a non-crafter can make a wedding veil if she knows how to do a few simple stitches.

The minimum amount of tools and supplies needed to make a wedding veil includes:

  • Tulle (cut for length desired)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hair comb

To best match your wedding dress, take along a swatch of material. After all, what is "diamond white" or "ivory" to the dress manufacturer may not be the equivalent shade (even if the name is the same) at the fabric store. You want the tulle color and thread to match each other as well as your dress.

Additional items you want to buy may include:

  • Satin, pearls, or cord for edging
  • Embellishments like sequins, floral motifs, rhinestones, or crystals
  • Tiara, barrette, or headband

Because supplies can be extremely cheap, you may want to double up on your tulle and embellishments. Making a practice wedding veil can help you perfect techniques and work out any details that go wrong the first time.

Simple Instructions on How to Make a Wedding Veil

A single layer wedding veil is extremely simple to make. Once you have chosen the length of the veil and gathered your supplies, you are ready to begin.

  1. Fold tulle in half length-wise and weigh down with heavy books or jars.
  2. Cut the bottom of the tulle and loose edge to form a large "u" shape when unfolded.
  3. Unfold the fabric and iron out the creases, using the lowest heat setting.
  4. Stitch together the top of the bridal veil, gathering it as you sew.
  5. Secure the ends and cut off any excess material.
  6. Glue the gathered tulle onto a hair comb.

At this point, your simple veil is finished. You can choose to add embellishments or edging now. If you want to attach your veil to a bridal tiara, headband, or barrette do it before adding rhinestones, sequins, or other embellishments.

You may want to put a decorative stitch around the edges of the veil in your wedding color, making it into a modern design. This looks striking when paired with a colored wedding dress.

Wedding Veil Patterns

Making a layered veil or creating an intricate design can be more difficult for the novice or inexperienced sewer. Using a veil pattern can help make this process a lot easier. Many patterns can be purchased for less than 15 dollars and often include several variations on the same veil.

Patterns you may want to purchase include:

Craft and fabric stores may offer entire kits on how to make a wedding veil. Not only will a set of detailed instructions and/or pattern be in the kit, but also the tools and supplies you need to make your veil.

Tips and Tricks for Making Veils

Making a simple veil is very cost effective. It really is worth the extra time to make a practice veil if you do not have a lot of experience with crafting. Keep your sales receipt and return extra items (cut fabric and ribbons usually cannot be returned) in case your first attempt works out.

Other tips to remember include:

  • Bring a wedding dress swatch to match colors
  • Ask a neighbor, friend, or relative with sewing experience to assist you when making your veil
  • Adding more embellishments is easier than taking too many off
  • Keep the veil simple if you have an ornate headpiece, jewelry, or dress

Enjoy Making Your Veil

Making a veil for your wedding day is one money saving wedding idea. De-stress and relax as you learn how to make a wedding veil and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

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How to Make a Wedding Veil