How to Decorate a Red Wagon for a Wedding

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Inspiration on how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding can come from many sources. Consider the purpose of the wagon in the wedding, your colors, and the wedding theme.

Outdoor Wedding Wagon Decorations

Wagons are the perfect addition to a casual backyard wedding and reception. Landscaping decorations often include wagons, so making a red wagon part of your wedding decorations is a natural addition. A red wagon as décor is also perfect for people who met in childhood, as it is often a beloved toy.

Spring and Summer Decorations

If your wedding colors include red, you do not need to worry about covering the entire wagon to hide the red. Instead, let a little show through for an added pop of color. Outdoor weddings in the spring and summer can utilize the season's greenery in many ways, such as:

  • Fill the wagon with a wedding flower arrangement using the same flowers as the bridal bouquets.
  • Choose to fill your wagon with de-potted hanging flowers. The hanging leaves and blooms will cover any brand names or flaws on the side of the wagon.
  • If you purchase a brand new wagon, consider filling it with water and then putting floating candles and flower petals in it.
  • Fill the wagon with decorative rocks or pebbles, and then intersperse large blooms, greenery and branches inside for a miniature garden.

Fall Decorations

Couples who need decorations for an outdoor wedding in the fall can also use a red wagon. Red is one of the colors of the season, so it makes decorating easy. Use miniature pumpkins, gourds, apples, and fall wedding flowers inside the wagon. Wrap a garland of fall leaves around the outside for additional autumn wedding decorations.

How to Decorate a Red Wagon for a Wedding Indoors

Consider decorating a wagon inside with a more elegant touch. For example, you can attach tulle wedding decorations around the outside of the wagon. Drape a white cloth across the top of the wagon and fill with a larger version of your reception centerpieces.

Another way to decorate the red wagon for an indoor wedding is to use the same material as the bridesmaid dresses to cover the wagon. Attach a garland of tissue wedding bells around the outside. Inside the wagon, place a large engagement picture of the couple, surrounded by more wedding bells.

Make the wagon functional as well as decorative. At the ceremony, put the programs and wedding bubbles in baskets in wagons near the door for latecomers. Decorate the wagon to match your theme, and then put the wedding reception favors inside the wagon. Place it near the drink station or by the doors so everyone gets a chance to take a favor. Attach balloons to each side of the wagon to make it more noticeable.

Thematic Wagon Decorations

Your theme can play a part in how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding. For example, if you are hosting a wine themed wedding, you can fill the wagon with grapes, empty wine bottles and vine branches.

Add Christmas ornaments for holiday flair.

Couples hosting a renaissance or medieval wedding theme can attach wooden slats to the side of the wagon to make it look historical, then fill with hay, branches and other natural items. If you are hosting a nautical themed wedding, consider putting several ships in a bottle on display in the wagon or even displaying some ceramic or porcelain lighthouses.

Weddings that are themed to a particular holiday can incorporate holiday decorations into the wagon. Put a scarecrow or witch hat and broom inside for a perfect Halloween wedding decoration. Display pink and red decorative heart-shaped boxes inside the wagon for a Valentine's Day wedding. Fill the wagon with snowflake or round ball ornaments if you are decorating for a Christmas wedding.

Decorating a Wedding Wagon for Kids

A wagon that will be used to pull young children in the bridal party down the aisle needs to be decorated in a way that leaves room for children to enter and exit the wagon. The ability to pull the wagon without decorations catching in the wheels or axle is another concern. Consider the following ideas when decorating a red wagon for kids:

  • Put a small piece of covered foam inside a metal wagon to make a more comfortable ride for children.
  • Do not use hanging garlands or hanging decorations that can fall off and get caught in the wheels.
  • Cover the handle in white or colored ribbons for a pretty effect when pulling.
  • If the ring bearer and flower girl are in the wagon, make a small "just married" sign for the back of it.
  • Attach all decorations firmly so that kids cannot pull them off and they do not fall off during movement.

Decorating a red wagon that is meant to be ridden in can call for some additional creativity when it comes to covering designs and brand names. Sew a fabric cover for the wagon that has pockets similar to a fitted bed sheet. This way, you can just tuck it underneath the corners of the wagon without taping or glue. Re-useable vinyl clings and magnets featuring flowers, wedding bells or doves can cover the sides of the wagon without getting the way.

Use a red wagon as a wedding reception decoration, ceremony prop, or as part of decorations for a garden wedding to personalize your wedding day with a festive, unique, and nostalgic touch.

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How to Decorate a Red Wagon for a Wedding