How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

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As a couple begins to plan their wedding, they may question how much the wedding flowers will cost. Wedding flowers are an integral part of both the decoration and fashions for the event, so understanding how to prepare for this expense can help couples monitor their wedding budget without wilting their savings.

Average Cost for Wedding Flowers

Most wedding coordinators and bridal planning guides suggest that couples set aside between eight and ten percent of their total wedding budget to cover floral expenses. Depending on a couple's budget, this may mean wedding flowers cost between $400 and $5,000, but the costs for specific types of flowers can vary widely based on several different factors.

Costs for Specific Wedding Flowers

Some general figures for wedding flower expenses, on average, include:

  • Bride's bouquet: $50-200
  • Bridesmaids' bouquets (each): $20-50
  • Corsages and boutonnieres (each): $8-30
  • Head wreaths and floral hair pins (each): $15-40
  • Toss bouquet for the reception: $20-50
  • Church altar flowers (each arrangement): $50-75 or higher
  • Pew flowers (each): $10-40
  • Reception centerpieces (each arrangement): $40-150
  • Flower girl bouquet or petals: $20-35
  • Floral cake topper: $30-100

Additional Floral Arrangements

In addition to these popular wedding flower arrangements, many couples also opt for additional floral arrangements. Some arrangements to consider include:

  • Wreath for the church or reception hall door
  • Flowers to decorate a wedding arch
  • Accents for the cake table and guest book table
  • Petals or floral urns to decorate the exterior of the church or reception venue
  • Special flowers for the interior or exterior of the limousine
  • Arrangement for the restrooms at the reception

These additional arrangements will need to be included into your initial budget so you are prepared for the added expense. You could use some of the arrangements at both the church and the reception, which can save you money.

Your Flower Costs

There is a wide range of costs for wedding flowers. Your wedding flower budget will vary, depending on:

  • Where you live and what blooms are available seasonally and locally
  • Total number of flowers needed
  • Package deals available through your wedding florist
  • Other specialty arrangements

Factors That Influence Price

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Several factors influence the cost of wedding flowers and can make many prices inaccessible to couples on a strict wedding budget. The most common factors that affect wedding flower prices are:

  • Flower types: Some flowers, such as carnations and daisies, are readily available and easy to grow, making them less expensive, while more exotic lilies or tropical flowers are more costly.
  • Season: If the desired flowers are not seasonally available at the date of the wedding, they will cost more to be shipped in from other locations.
  • Flower color: While most florists have a wide color palette to work with, couples interested in more exotic shades will have to pay a premium to match their wedding colors.
  • Arrangement size: The sheer size of wedding floral arrangements has a tremendous impact on the final price.
  • Arrangement detail: When considering how much do wedding flowers cost, the intricacy of the floral arrangements and bouquets can heavily influence the price. A simple, hand-tied bouquet is less expensive than a more elaborate, multi-layered cascade.
  • Rush fees: If flowers are ordered at the last minute or design changes are requested, steep rush fees may apply.
  • Setup and delivery: Some florists charge hefty fees for delivering flowers to the ceremony and reception sites, particularly if they are far apart. Elaborate arrangements may also have a site setup fee applied.

Floral Vendor Options

Brides and grooms have many options to consider when it comes to their actual florist. Who you choose will also factor in to the total costs. Depending on your budget and specific location, you can order flowers at a locally owned floral shop, a large chain shop, a wholesaler or even online. Prices can be dramatically different from going to a local florist who will give you personalized attention versus a wholesaler or online supplier who can order in bulk or give you standard arrangement options to choose amongst.

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Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Couples who want lovely flowers for their wedding without spending an ugly budget do have several ways to cut costs without cutting elegance or beauty.

  • Opt for less expensive "filler" blooms accented with fewer exotic flowers to keep the size without the price.
  • Choose non-floral alternatives wherever possible. A simple bow can be a lovely pew accent without flowers, for example, the groomsmen can use crisply folded colored handkerchiefs with their tuxedos instead of boutonnieres, and a candle centerpiece can be romantic and elegant with minimal floral accents. There are also many alternatives to wedding bouquets available for the bride and bridesmaids.
  • Reduce the number of flowers needed entirely. Not every woman attending the wedding needs a corsage, restroom arrangements can easily be eliminated, and toss the real bridal bouquet instead of paying for a separate toss bouquet.
  • Reuse flowers whenever possible. Church altar flowers may be relocated to the reception, or the florist can design basic reception arrangements that reuse the bridesmaids' bouquets.
  • Opt for simple wedding bouquets and flowers in stunning colors for elegance without the expense of more detailed arrangements.
  • Consider using silk wedding flowers instead of real blooms to slash prices and have wonderful keepsakes.
  • Choose wedding flowers by season and investigate local growers to reduce shipping charges.
  • Consider ordering blooms and making the floral arrangements yourself, or choosing an amateur floral designer at a reduced price.

Work Within Your Budget

When couples learn how much wedding flowers cost, it can be a severe blow to a stressed wedding budget. Understanding the factors that affect wedding flower prices and how to save money on beautiful blooms, however, can make any wedding budget blossom.

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