Heart Wedding Cake Toppers

Heart Wedding Cake Toppers


Wedding cake toppers in the shape of a heart are a classic choice. Many couples choose heart toppers since they're iconic symbols of romance.

While a simple heart can serve as an arch or backdrop to frame a traditional topper with bride and groom figurines, there are many other lovely hearts that can grace the top of any wedding cake design.

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Double Hearts

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A double heart wedding cake topper uses a single classic symbol to represent both the bride and groom. Double hearts can be found in simple porcelain toppers with graceful curves, and it is also a popular design for blown glass, wire, or crystal toppers. The hearts may be side by side, intertwined, or concentric, depending on the couple's design preferences.

Beach Wedding Cakes

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A beach wedding cake isn't complete without a beach-themed cake topper, and a nautical heart is a romantic and sweet choice. Accented with shells, nets, and starfish, a delicate heart with a sea theme and aqua colors is perfect for beach-themed cakes.

Trinity Knot Heart

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Show off your Irish side by using a trinity knot enclosed by a heart as your cake topper. This symbolic topper not only means love, but also has the added meaning of the trinity knot behind it.

Autumn Hearts

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Rich autumn colors and a fall leaf motif are perfect to complement fall wedding cakes. For a warm and romantic topper, an overall ivory hue accents the autumn palette and the swoops of color down the sides of this heart topper give the impression of changing seasons and falling leaves.

Hearts and Couples

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Bride and groom wedding cake toppers are still among the most popular choices to adorn wedding cakes, but a heart topper doesn't have to be a simple frame for the couple. An elegant and modern variation is for the couple to be sitting on the heart, dancing within it, or framing a heart shape through abstract swirls of the bride's gown or their interlocked arms.

Western Hearts

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Wedding hearts come in a variety of themes to match any couple's wedding motif, even a western wedding complete with cowboy hats and steel-toed boots. The rustic colors of this topper and the braided rope accents give it an elegant western touch.

Small Hearts

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A heart shaped cake topper doesn't need to have the heart as the central or largest shape in the figurine to convey the romance the shape represents. A simple, elegant couple with a heart balanced between them evokes an innocent appeal and hints at a very private, gentle romance.

Personalized Hearts

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Glass or crystal hearts engraved with the couple's names, initials, wedding date, and romantic sentiments are a popular choice for wedding cake toppers. These types of toppers can usually be personalized with simple icons or images, and after the wedding they become treasured keepsakes of this most romantic day.

Dragon Heart

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A metal dragon themed heart topper is a unique and stunning option perfect for a Gothic or Halloween wedding. Two dragons twined together to create the heart shape just as the bride and groom are intertwined in their love for each other. If dragons aren't appropriate, similar cake toppers can be found with fairies, Celtic knots, and other themes.

Wire Picks

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Heart shaped picks with pearls, crystals or rhinestones can add beauty to a cake. What's more, this type of topper is easy to make by hand with some supplies from a local craft store.

Knotted Hearts

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Two hearts bound together with a symbolic knot is the perfect choice for a classic wedding cake topper that not only symbolizes the love the couple shares, but also the "tying the knot" commitment they have made. With its abstract look and modern elegance, this type of topper will become a tasteful decoration in the newlyweds' home.

Hearts and Doves

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White doves are another popular symbol of wedding romance, innocence, and purity, and combining a pair of doves with a heart arch or background is a popular style of wedding cake topper. The doves may be in flight, at rest, or nuzzling one another in a gentle and caring pose.

Glass Toppers

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Blown glass wedding cake toppers with simple hearts are easy to find at most wedding boutiques and wedding craft stores. While simple, these toppers actually have a wide range of styles with different embellishments such as additional hearts, butterflies, angels, birds, and flowers.

Swan Hearts

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Sweet swans, with their necks coming together to form the heart, is a classically romantic design. The simple heart outline fromed by the two swans' necks, adds romance to this topper.

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Heart Wedding Cake Toppers