Hawaiian Wedding Dresses

Hawaiian wedding dress

Some women want to forgo the traditional wedding dress for something more unusual, such as the Hawaiian wedding dress. As you plan your wedding, you'll find that there is a lot to do. Choosing a dress will be one of your first priorities, however, and the writers at LoveToKnowWeddings can help!

The Romance Of the Islands

Even if you aren't going to hold your wedding and/or honeymoon in Hawaii, you can feel the romance of the islands simply by dressing in an island-styled dress. Beach weddings are becoming more popular every year. While many women enjoy wearing the traditional wedding gown, others want to bring a tropical feel to their ceremony by buying or designing a Hawaiian wedding dress.

Hawaiian Wedding Dress Styles

As you begin searching for that perfect wedding dress, you'll need to decide just what you are looking for in a dress. Do you want to completely turn away from the traditional white and use the tropical colors taken from the flowers and trees that cover the island. Or, do you want to incorporate the clean, lovely color of white or ivory but add a tropical theme to it?

Whichever you choose, you'll find a stunning selection of wedding gowns as you begin your search. If you want to stick to the traditional white, you can still have a Hawaiian appearance. A Hawaiian wedding dress, or holoku as the natives call it, can look radiant in white. Think about the fit you want. Do you want a fitted dress, or would you prefer a looser fit that will sway gently in the wind. Some women prefer lacey ruffles in the bottom, while others prefer more of a mermaid-style dress, made to hug your figure with a wider edge at the bottom. There are strapless dresses, spaghetti-straped styles, and halter dresses, and all of these can be beautiful as Hawaiian dresses.

Colorful Hawaiian wedding dresses incorporate the lush surroundings of the islands. You can choose a dress with a black background decorated with vivid reds, yellows, and greens, or you can select a more subtle dress in pale shades of yellow, green, pink, or blue, with delicate flowers and/or patterned leaves. Check out Hawaii Wedding Shop and Bridal Dream or more ideas and selections.

Dress Accessories

No dress is complete without accessories. If you really want to enhance your dress's tropical appearance, choose a lei made from silk flowers or delicate shells. Popular lei shells include the koa, puamana, and Ni'ihau shells. Beautiful jewelry can be made from mother of pearl, kukui nuts, shell strands, freshwater pearls, mango wood, and other shells. Other Hawaiian dress accessories can include flowered wedding veils, delicate hair combs, decorative fans, flower hair decorations, and paper parasols.

Where to Buy

As you search for your perfect Hawaiian dress and accessories, you might want to begin online. There are many sites dedicated to helping you make the most of your tropical wedding. Some offer a large selection of wedding dresses and accessories, and others even help plan the wedding, including working with you on your exact destination.

Some wedding dress sites include the following:

Hawaiian Wedding Dresses