Handheld Plumeria Wedding Bouquet

Plumeria is the perfect choice for tropical weddings.

A handheld plumeria wedding bouquet is a lovely bouquet choice for any wedding.

Choosing a Bouquet

With all the planning you have to do as that special day nears, choosing a wedding bouquet may be closer to the bottom of your to-do list. After all, you've got to find the perfect dress, choose a location for the ceremony, decide on your attendants, and of course plan the honeymoon. Bridal bouquets can be a lovely, cascading mass of flowers or they can be elegant in a simple, round shape. For some, the choice of style for a bouquet comes down to the type of dress they are wearing. A shorter dress generally calls for a smaller bouquet, while a dress that features a full skirt and long train is often accompanied by a large, flowing bouquet. The most important feature of the bouquet, however, is the flower you choose.

Plumeria Facts

Many gardeners and florists consider the plumeria to be one of the most perfect and exquisite flowers in the world. While often thought to be a strictly tropical plant, the plumeria can actually survive in colder climates as long as it is brought indoors until the danger of freezing temperatures has passed. Plumeria is striking both for its appearance and its fragrance. The fragrance of this flower is particularly unique because each blossom has its own unique scent, such as the sweetness of jasmine or the aroma of peaches. Because the plumeria thrives in tropical climates, such as Hawaii, it is drought tolerant and continues to bloom from April through November. Popular plumeria varieties include the following:

  • Candy Stripe Plumeria-This variety offers tri-color blossoms in red, yellow, and white stripes.
  • Kimo Plumeria-The only truly orange plumeria, the Kimo has wide petals with a sweet scent.
  • Lani's Beauty-Lani's Beauty is a gorgeous pink and white flower with a soft yellow center. Its scent is similar to a rose.
  • Nebel's Rainbow Plumeria-This yellow plumeria features a red band on the front and back of the petals.
  • Plumeria Pudica-This plumeria typically features white blossoms and rich leaves that bloom virtually year round.

Handheld Plumeria Wedding Bouquet Design Tips

Palm fronds are perfect accents.

Florists who design a handheld plumeria wedding bouquet typically focus on a host of tropical flowers with the plumeria as the featured blossom or blossoms. If you are making your own bridal bouquet with plumeria, however, the following tips may be of interest.

  • To help your blooms last longer, place freshly picked flowers in cold water for several hours. Remove the flowers and place them in a large plastic bag, being careful not to crush the petals. To protect them while they are enclosed in the bag, blow air into the bag with a straw before closing.
  • If you plan on ordering plumerias, keep in mind that some varieties may not be available until the warmer months of summer. However, you may be able to find even the rarer varieties at nurseries in Hawaii.
  • Keep in mind that scent of some plumerias can be almost overpowering. If you are allergic to flowers or if you are highly sensitive to certain aromas, you may want to visit a local nursery or florist and ask to actually smell this flower before you feature it in your bouquet.
  • If you love the tropical look of the plumeria, consider adding a bloom or two as a hair accessory.
  • Add tropical greenery such as ferns or palm fronds as accents for a truly exotic bouquet.
  • If you are ordering your bouquet online, ask the florist to send you pictures of the actual bouquet so you know what you are really ordering.

If your wedding destination is on a warm beach or if you just love the look of tropical or Hawaiian wedding flowers, a handheld plumeria wedding bouquet may be the perfect choice to add an exotic touch to your wedding bouquet.

Handheld Plumeria Wedding Bouquet