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Choose Halloween wedding invitations carefully, as they are guests' first insight into your themed holiday nuptials. They should reflect whether your wedding is a simple and stylish Halloween wedding, or a complete bash that goes all out with terror tactics and horrific Halloween happenings throughout the festivities.

All Hallow's Eve Designs

The wedding invitation card you choose for a Halloween wedding will indicate exactly what your holiday wedding will be like. Guests will expect an elaborate invitation for a more elaborate wedding, while a simpler design reflects a simple, understated, or more sophisticated Halloween wedding.

Simple and Elegant Halloween Invites

The simplest way to design Halloween wedding invitations is to use black and orange cardstock and traditional wording and fonts. Black envelopes with silver lining inside, and orange cardstock with black or silver printing, is a lovely invitation scheme. Use traditional bride and groom clipart, monograms, or even wedding bells as the design on the invite. Pumpkins and leaves add a nice fall touch without going overboard.

Other popular color combinations for elegant Halloween invitations include:

  • Tan or beige and orange
  • Black and red
  • Navy blue, yellow, and orange
  • Purple, black, and orange

Any of these colors, combined with simple clipart, will reflect a subtle Halloween theme to guests. Themed envelope stickers, ribbons, charms, and other embellishments add a little something extra without much expense or time.

Halloween-Themed Designs

Brides and grooms planning a fully-costumed, perfect Halloween wedding often opt for an invitation design that reflects their wedding style. Consider these ideas:

  • Die-cut invitations in the shape of a witch's hat, broom, black cat, pumpkin or haunted mansion
  • Black cardstock with bright red "blood" splattered across it
  • Clip art featuring famous costumed Halloween couples (representing the bride and groom)

Creepy or cutesy, the design on a Halloween themed invitation needs to be in line with the rest of the wedding stationary and decorations.

Halloween Invitation Wording

At a Halloween wedding, creative invitation wording is crucial to let guests know what to expect. This is especially important if you want guests to don costumes or participate in unusual ceremony rites. LoveToKnow Weddings has written some examples for you to use for your wedding invitation wording. Feel free to modify as needed to fit your own Halloween wedding.

Costume Wedding Wording

Pull out your fanciest or scariest frock

To wear to the Halloween wedding of Bill Hoover and Sarah Mills

The perfect outfit is something to shock

As we want our wedding to be the scariest party on the block!

October 31, 2010 at 5 o'clock

Hillshire Restaurant Party Room

Hillshire Town, USA

Ceremony Location Wording

Your presence is requested

At the wedding of Jamie Smith and Markus Johnson

To be hosted at the Happy Pumpkin Farm

On Halloween, October 31, 2010

In Pumpkinville, USA

Please join us following the ceremony for an old-fashioned Halloween hayride and apple bobbing!

General Halloween Wording 1

The moon is full and time is nighFor Jack and Sarah to join their souls

Come witness their ghoulish ceremony

On All Hallow's Eve

October 31, 2010

At 8:00 p.m.

At the Gardens in Glenwood Cemetery

Anytown, USA

General Halloween Wording 2

Please be our honored guestsAs we, Susan Johnson and Matthew Smith,

Join together in a festive Halloween wedding

On October 31, 2010 in the

Grand Ballroom of the Swanky Hotel

In Hereville, USA

Tips for Halloween Wedding Invitations

Creating and writing a Halloween invitation is not always easy. It should reflect both the holiday theme and the fact that it is a wedding ceremony-not just another holiday Halloween party. Follow these tips for making your invites:

  • Include RSVP cards, ceremony, and reception details just like any other wedding invitation
  • Use the word "wedding" somewhere in the invitation wording to distinguish it from other Halloween party invitations
  • Save money by using free templates for wedding invitations and adding your own graphics or clipart
  • Include an engagement photo of the bride and groom dressed up in matching Halloween costumes

Wedding invitations for Halloween nuptials are fun and festive. Regardless of the scare-factor of your wedding, guests will appreciate knowing the theme before the big day.

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Halloween Wedding Invitations