Halloween Wedding Dresses

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The perfect Halloween wedding requires the right wedding dresses for the bride and bridesmaids. You need to decide on the type of Halloween theme you want for your wedding before selecting the ideal wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Halloween Wedding Themes

When the idea of a Halloween wedding is first introduced, many couples assume that spooky events decorated with bats and pumpkins are their only options. In truth, however, Halloween is an extraordinarily versatile holiday and couples can choose any unusual theme to make their union unique and extraordinary. Popular Halloween wedding themes include:

  • Horror or spooky
  • Fall theme weddings with browns, oranges, and reds
  • Masquerade balls for the guests as well as the wedding party
  • Period themed events with appropriate attire, including the Renaissance, medieval, Victorian, and antebellum eras
  • Modern timely themes, such as 1980s weddings or a vintage 1950s event
  • Specific Halloween ghouls, such as zombies or vampires
  • Fantasy or fairy themed celebrations
  • Famous romantic couples, such as Romeo and Juliet, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, or Prince Charming and Cinderella
  • Evil or naughty brides
  • Popular Halloween movie and celebrity themes, such as the Corpse Bride or the Addams Family

Whatever type of Halloween theme a couple chooses, the centerpiece of the attire is the bride's dress. While any bridal gown can be suitable, adding Halloween details to the dress will make it more unique and memorable.

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Types of Halloween Wedding Gowns

Depending on the specific Halloween theme the couple has chosen, the wedding dress may have unique details or it may be custom designed to match the event. Some couples opt for Halloween costume gowns, and adding the right accessories to any bridal gown can make it match the spookiest of themes.

Design Details

Halloween wedding dresses are typically more ornate and heavily detailed than traditional gowns. Whereas a traditional dress may have beads and lace, the details of a Halloween gown must coordinate with the theme. Options include:

  • Spiderweb lace designs for an overall spooky gown
  • Colored accents such as orange, black, brown, gold, or crimson to match the Halloween theme
  • Period details such as bell sleeves and rich colors for Renaissance gowns or cinched corsets for antebellum dresses
  • Unique themed dresses such a decaying gown for a corpse bride or adding fairy wings for a fantasy bride

Depending on the theme, the options for adding detail to the gown may be limitless, and many couples turn to custom designers and costume companies for spectacular Halloween wedding attire.

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Custom vs. Costume

Both custom designed gowns and costume dresses are options for Halloween brides, but each one has different pros and cons that should be considered.

Custom dresses…

  • Can be designed as one-of-a-kind gowns for an extraordinary event.
  • Are often heavily detailed and unique.
  • Can be more difficult to find.
  • May take months to create.
  • Often have higher price tags than traditional designer wedding dresses.

Costume gowns…

  • Can be found at costume retailers for themes such as Renaissance, medieval, or other period attire.
  • Are far less expensive than most wedding dresses.
  • May be less comfortable to wear due to less expensive fabrics and less durable construction.
  • Are less able to be customized without extensive alterations.

Many couples may opt for less expensive costume gowns rather than custom attire, and instead choose a range of unique accessories to customize the dress for their wedding theme.

Bridal Accessories

The right wedding accessories can turn simple wedding dresses into outstanding themed attire. When planning your Halloween gown, don't forget:

  • Earrings and other bridal jewelry to complement the theme
  • A garter in suitable colors for the holiday
  • Wedding shoes that match the attire's theme, era, and design
  • Suitable flowers, such as a black rose bouquet for a vampire bride or peonies for a wistful Victorian maiden

Finding Unique Halloween Wedding Dresses

Many costume retailers carry a selection of period gowns and Halloween themed dresses that are suitable for Halloween weddings, though couples interested in distinctive custom dresses will need to find an experienced designer to work with. Online retailers and designers offering a selection of Halloween and themed wedding dresses include:

Women's Emily Ghost Bride Halloween
Women's Emily Ghost Bride Halloween

A Note on the Groom's Attire

When choosing the bride's attire, couples need to remember that she is only half of the couple getting married. If the wedding dress is to be heavily themed, it is essential that the groom's attire match that theme. A period tuxedo can be challenging to find, but adding a top hat, tails, or cane can help make it more distinctive, and costume designs are available for men's attire as well.

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More Halloween Wedding Details

The best Halloween dresses will seem out of place if the rest of the event does not follow the carefully designed theme. To add even more flair to an October 31 event, consider:

  • Taking wedding photos in a cemetery, gothic castle, or other appropriate location
  • Using spooky or themed music for the wedding processional
  • Changing the language of the wedding vows to mimic appropriate vows of the desired era or theme
  • Incorporating themed decorations into the ceremony and reception for a coordinated event
  • Inviting guests to come in costume to complete the celebration
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There is no limit to the theme and detail of Halloween wedding dresses, whether couples are interested in a spooktacular event or a different costume theme. With the right attire design, details, and accessories, the bride and her groom can become any type of couple they wish - till undead do they part.

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Halloween Wedding Dresses