Halloween Wedding Cakes

Halloween wedding cake

Exploring wedding cakes with a Halloween theme offers an abundance of designs. From simple elegance to over-the-top holiday horrors, the cake of your nightmares is within reach. A few examples of some popular choices can help you find the ideal spooky cake for your wedding.

Horrific Cakes for Halloween Weddings

Couples who are hosting a full-blown Halloween wedding often want their cake to reflect the night's horrors. For a twist, consider modifying Gothic wedding cake designs to fit your Halloween wedding.

Haunted House Cakes

A haunted cake offers you the opportunity to create a truly scary cake. The wedding cake topper could be a haunted house, with the cake tiers airbrushed in a dark blue, black, and purple night scene. In fact, sculpting the entire cake into the shape of a haunted house turns the cake into a show-stopping decorative and delicious piece for the reception.

Monster Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Gory monsters are a staple of any Halloween celebration, including a wedding. Consider these monster-ific topper ideas for your cake:

  • Zombie Couple: Create a zombie couple as the cake topper. Wrap the entire cake in white fondant strips to continue the zombie theme.
  • Frankenstein and His Bride: Frankenstein with his bride is a great cake topper. Look for standard figurines, or ask your decorator to make custom characters that look like you and your spouse-to-be.
  • Vampire Couple: Make a vampire bride and groom to sit atop the cake in a shared coffin. Small red food coloring drops or buttercream dots can "drip" down the entire cake to represent blood.
Skeleton wedding cake figurines

Happy Halloween Wedding Cakes

Consider a fun and festive Halloween wedding cake. A fun cake, unlike a scary cake, has a cute Halloween connotation instead of adding a gory aspect to the reception. Less formal than an elegant cake, it evokes a joyful and happy atmosphere at a Halloween wedding.

Consider one of these fun, one-of-a-kind wedding cake ideas for Halloween:

  • Jack O'Lantern: Ask your decorator to create a large, tiered wedding cake. Have him or her sculpt it into the shape of a pumpkin. Then, cut out a section on one side and frost it to resemble the inside of a pumpkin. The decorator can add a molded candy or chocolate bride and groom figure in orange, to resemble a custom-carved jack o'lantern.
  • Mismatched Tiers: Each tier of the cake could represent a different part of Halloween. Cover the first tier in smiling pumpkin fondant figures, give the second tier a black and white skull face, and give the third tier a stenciled black cats and witches' hats.
  • Candy Corn Cake: Nothing says Halloween like a cake covered in seasonal candy. Use candy corn or make faux candy corn out of fondant and create a border on each tier. Cover the entire top tier in larger-than-life fondant candy corn, so it looks like the fondant sheet was made of the candies.
    The bride and groom cut a beautiful wedding white cake decorated with orange pumpkins

October Wedding Cake Opulence

While you may be hosting the perfect Halloween wedding, it does not mean everything at your wedding needs to be gory or reflect a child's trick-or-treat party, including the cake. Instead, you can take inspiration from the season and create an opulent design for the holiday.

A fall wedding cake is perfectly appropriate at a Halloween wedding. It offers a hint of the season without going overboard. Other design ideas include:

  • Modern: Choose a modern cake shape, such as topsy-turvy, square, or paisley. Decorate with dots, diamonds, or contemporary flowers in black, orange, yellow, and red.
  • Ribbon: Begin by frosting a round tiered cake in white buttercream or fondant icing. Add a large orange or black fondant bow to the top, with the ends trailing down the sides. Wrap the bottom of each layer in matching fondant ribbon.
  • Traditional Flowers: Cover a cake in white, orange, or yellow fondant. Dust luster onto the cake to make it glisten. Add gum paste roses or daisies in red, orange, and yellow to the cake. Include small pumpkins or gourds with a rose cascade to reflect the holiday.
  • Piped Elegance: Begin with a cake covered in buttercream or fondant in your choice of color. Pipe a design onto the cake sides using flourish strokes, fleur-de-lis, or abstract designs in orange, black, purple, or red.

Turn virtually any elegant wedding cake into a Halloween cake by simply swapping out the colors. With a few additions of pumpkins or leaves, you have a stunningly simple yet lovely holiday cake.

Autumn wedding cake on a stand

Follow Your Ideas for a Halloween Wedding Cake

Scare up plenty of design ideas for Halloween wedding cakes by using your imagination and seasonal inspiration. Whether you want an elegant October design, a scary and foreboding cake, or a festive cake, you are sure to find an idea that fits your Halloween wedding style.

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