Halloween Toppers for Wedding Cakes

Use autumn cake toppers for Halloween.

Spooky toppers for Halloween wedding cakes will add to any haunted wedding theme. Toppers in keeping with Halloween offer a chance to move away from traditional cake toppers to express a couple's individuality. The good news is Halloween toppers for wedding cakes come in a range of styles, from elegant and modern to candy-coated funny or spooky themes.

Jack O'Lanterns

This symbol of Halloween and the harvest makes a great cake topper idea. Jack o'lanterns can be faux or fresh. Designing a small gourd to mimic the traditionally grinning Halloween companion can add a fun touch to an elegant cake topping theme. The face can be benign or scary, depending on what fits best with your wedding. Vines are also a vital part of the pumpkin design. You can use small vines for a small top, or allow them to cascade over the sides and become a part of the cake decoration. Don't simply limit yourself to traditional orange; jack o'lanterns can be created in any color, so feel free to match your color scheme.

Couple Themes

What better way to symbolize your eternal union than by these famously eternal couples? Depart from a traditional bride and groom cake topper with these unconventional brides and grooms.


The romance and allure of these fanged creatures of the night is undeniable. Having Dracula, or any vampire, as a cake topper can be a romantic expression of undying love or a cute and spooky piece. Either way, a vampire bride and groom cake topper is a darkly amorous twist on the traditional theme of a couple cake topper.


Undying love needs an appropriately undying symbol, and for this, nothing works better than the undead. Zombie wedding cake toppers can be whimsical and sweet or slightly gory, reflecting the horrors of Halloween night. For a handmade twist, purchase a conventional bride and groom cake topper and alter it by adding some green skin and stitches. Your guests will need more than a second look at the subtle change!

Frankenstein and His Bride

This couple is a famously ghoulish celebrity relationship, immortalized in films through the history of cinema. Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein make an excellent subject for a Halloween cake topper and can be paired with elegant or spooky Halloween-themed weddings.

Character Toppers

Characters from Halloween themed movies stand up well as Halloween cake toppers. Jack and Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and Victor and Emily from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride are both popular choices. For a more frightening option, try Chucky and Tiffany from the Child's Play franchise. Toppers featuring famous television characters Morticia and Gomez Addams or Herman and Lily Munster are also great Halloween theme choices.

Harvest Abundance

An elegant option for Halloween toppers for wedding cake is to use the theme of harvest and abundance. October is full of autumn leaves, ripened harvests and late flowers - incorporate these into your cake topper as a part of an elegant design. Orange, black, green, gold and red shades are all symbolic of autumn's bounty.

Choosing Halloween Toppers for Wedding Cakes

When selecting a cake topper, you'll need to consider the size and durability of the top layer of your cake. Soft sponge cakes will be able to support less weight than a rum or fruitcake. When using harvest vegetation and autumn leaves, consult your florist and your baker before decorating your cake, as certain plants may need to be used on an inedible area.

Halloween wedding cake toppers can be slightly spooky or soulfully scary, but whichever design you choose, you're sure to have a fun and festive finish to your Halloween wedding dessert.

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Halloween Toppers for Wedding Cakes