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Best Men for the Job

Deciding on the groomsmen for a wedding should be the man's choice. But all men know that if mama isn't happy, then nobody's happy and this includes wedding traditions. The choice of groomsmen needs to be discussed at least once in the bride and groom's relationship. The bride should have a good rapport with these men. If there is any tension between them during the planning of a wedding, the bride and groom may find themselves cringing as the preacher asks if there is any reason why they shouldn't be married. The most important groomsman the bride must approve is the best man.

Groom's Dilemma

Most men know who their best man will be from the moment they graduate college. As the years grow close to the ultimate decision of matrimony, the man usually finds the choice a lot tougher. What about the friend who bailed him out of jail or the one who nursed him back to health when he had that really bad stomach flu? He can't forget the friend who first introduced him to the bride-to-be either. Chances are somebody's feelings will get hurt, and there is not much you can do about it.

Obvious Best Man

Choose your best man by selecting the most responsible friend. He will need to take care of a number of responsibilities such as:

  • Wedding rings
  • Preparing a repectful and entertaining reception toast
  • And most importantly... making sure the groom gets there in one piece and on time!

The bride should get along with the best man, trusting him to give a bachelor party that will not get the groom in too much trouble. There have been many marriages that started off on a rocky road due to a mistake the groom made at a wild bachelor party. With this in mind, the groom needs to be careful, but his best man also needs to respect the bride and keep the groom from any temptation.

How Many Groomsmen?

Statistically, there should be one groomsman for every 50 wedding guests. This is not a hard-and-fast rule of wedding guest etiquette however, because many destination weddings have less guests. Generally, you want to have an even number of groomsmen and bridesmaids since they will walk down the aisle together. If the sides are uneven, it is not uncommon to ask a relative to fill in the gap.

Showing Appreciation

The groom needs to remember that his groomsmen are chipping in their time and effort to give him a great day. The least he can do is present them with a memorable gift such as a beer stein, pocket knife or money clip. However, the gift itself isn't as important as the groomsmen who will stand up with him as he marries the girl of his dreams.

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