Beach Wedding Attire for the Groom

Classic Tuxedo

A beach wedding theme usually dictates the type of attire for the groom to wear. Finding the right clothing for a beach wedding can be a challenge, but the groom's outfit should be flexible enough to accommodate either a very formal or very informal wedding.

Short Pants

Sand can be tricky to walk across without dragging slack cuffs and getting grit inside formal shoes, so a more relaxed groom may choose short capri length slacks for his suit or tuxedo. Going barefoot is always a nice casual touch for a beach wedding.

Light Suits

Instead of black, gray, or dark blue suits, a beach groom may opt for a lighter color such as a white, beige, or taupe suit. Lighter weight fabrics are also recommended for better comfort on the sunny sand.

Brown Suits

A darker brown suit is not as formal as black attire, but it matches the natural color palette of a beach wedding perfectly. A patterned tie with colors matching the bridal party helps complete this effortlessly stylish look for a beach groom.

No Jacket

A traditional three piece suit or tuxedo can be bulky and uncomfortable for a warm beach wedding. Instead, the groom can opt for a boldly colored shirt, dress slacks, and a crisp vest without a jacket. Be sure to wear a full vest, however, rather than a vest front that is common with many inexpensive rental tuxedos.

Tropical Touches

Brides often add tropical flowers to their beach wedding bridal bouquets, and there is no reason why the groom cannot add a touch of the tropics to his wedding attire as well. A boutonniere with tropical flowers is the most common approach, but a lei of tropical blooms is also elegant and appropriate.

Colored Shirts

Instead of a plain tuxedo, a groom's beach wedding attire might include a brightly colored shirt in a tropical shade of yellow, blue, or even pink to match the wedding colors. This is especially suitable if the groomsmen also wear colored shirts but lack the jackets that add formality to the groom's wardrobe.

Light Linens

For a very casual beach wedding, a couple may opt for loose, flowing linen clothes instead of gowns and suits. In this case, light cotton pants and a casual island shirt are the perfect choice for the groom.

No Tie

If you want the look of a suit for your ceremony but without being as formal, leave the tie at home. An open necked shirt and more casual jacket is still a suitable choice for a casual beach wedding.

Tie But No Jacket

Dropping the suit jacket is another way to lighten a groom's beach wedding attire without sacrificing all of his formality. A long sleeved shirt and tie without a jacket still has a formal look but will be less bulky and more breathable for the beach breezes.

Rolled Cuffs

If your slacks are dragging in the sand, ditch the shoes and opt for rolled cuffs instead. This adds a casual look to the light slacks or linen pants that are perfect for strolling down a sandy aisle.

Casual Groom Beach Attire

Beach weddings are popular for renewing vows or second weddings, and couples who prefer a casual event may opt for a simple patterned shirt for the groom. A collared shirt rather than a t-shirt is a bit more formal, but the pattern keeps it casual for a relaxed event.

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Beach Wedding Attire for the Groom