Wedding Ideas Using the Color Green

Green flowers and dresses

Ideas for using the color green for a wedding color scheme can include the bridesmaids' gowns, table centerpieces and even the table linens. Follow a few tips for incorporating this color into your wedding to make your nuptial celebration extra special!

Tips for Green Color Wedding Ideas

There are dozens of ways that green can be a beautiful color for a wedding. Whether as an accent or a dominant shade, this gentle color evokes a sense of peace and nature perfect for a romantic celebration.


To introduce green with wedding invitations and other stationary, consider:

  • Dark green ink for printing
  • Light green cardstock
  • Green envelope seals or envelope linings
  • Stationary with green accents, such as an ivy border


Green tie

Green is a flattering color and can be worn with great appeal by many different members of the bridal party. Consider these green ideas for attire:

  • Green accents on the wedding dress, or a colored wedding dress in a suitable green shade
  • Green bridesmaid dresses
  • Green jackets for ushers or groomsmen
  • Green cummerbunds, ties, or vests for the men
  • Fun green flower girl dresses or ring bearer tuxedos
  • A flirty green garter
  • A green sash for the bride or maid of honor


Most wedding flowers and bouquets use at least some green as an accent, but there are many ways to incorporate more green into the floral arrangements, such as:

  • Choosing all-green arrangements with green blooms
  • Using more ivy, ferns, and other greenery in decorations
  • Wrapping bouquets in green ribbon
  • Adding green moss, pebbles, or marbles to floral centerpieces
  • Choosing different shades of green for vibrant bouquets done entirely in green


Green table

There are dozens of ways to incorporate green hues into wedding ceremony and reception decorations, including:


Couples interested in a more subtle use of green may want to consider wedding locations that naturally provide a green backdrop that will offer a dramatic contrast in wedding photos. Popular locations include:

  • Golf courses
  • Botanical gardens with low green trees such as weeping willows or trailing oaks
  • City parks with manicured lawns, hedge mazes, or other green features
  • Any outdoor location with healthy shrubs or trees for a green backdrop


Green color wedding ideas can even be incorporated into a reception menu with delicious choices such as:

  • Spinach or mixed green salads
  • Bowls of green apples, grapes, or limes
  • Sliced kiwi, melon, and other green fruits
  • Avocado dips
  • Pesto sauces
  • Green foil wrapped chocolates, green chocolate candies, or pastel mints

The Cake

Cake with green ribbon

The wedding cake is undoubtedly the star of the wedding menu, and adding green accents can make this scrumptious dessert a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Consider green options such as:

  • Decorating the cake with greenery rather than flowers
  • Adding faux emeralds or other green jewels to the cake
  • Choosing green icing for the wedding cake or groom's cake
  • Tinting the interior of the cake a fun green shade
  • Adding green icing details to contrast with the cake's icing


Even the bridal jewelry the bride and her attendants wear can add to a green color theme by choosing green gemstones. While most people assume that emerald and peridot are two of very few green options, there are many other choices including jade, topaz, malachite, tourmaline, and even green diamonds. For a budget-conscious couple, there are many shades of green cubic zirconia or other affordable synthetic gems and crystals.

Choosing Green

In the middle of the color spectrum, green matches well with both rainbow extremes: rich reds, burgundies, and pinks as well as lilacs, violets, and royal purple hues. Choosing just the right green shade for a wedding is more than just picking a pretty color, however.

Summer Wedding Colors
Choose bright green in the summer.

Greens for Every Season

The exact shade of green should coordinate with the season. Light, airy hues such as pastel green or mint are perfect for spring weddings, while summer celebrations are best paired with brighter, bold shades or green patterns. Fall weddings can easily be accented with sage or darker green hues, while winter weddings are perfect for jewel tones such as a luxurious emerald.

Coordinate Color with Wedding Style

The green you choose should also be coordinated with the theme of the wedding and its location. Informal, casual ceremonies are better suited to light, playful shades, while more formal events demand more somber colors. The location's decorations - wall color, carpet patterns, artwork, etc. - can also affect which shade may be best for an integrated, coordinated look.

Green as an Accent

When choosing green as a primary wedding color rather than an occasional accent, many couples opt to use a range of green shades for a coordinated yet not overpowering palette. Consider choosing several closely related green hues for different decorations to bring together the entire theme with a subtle connection.

Cautions About Green

With so many ways to incorporate green colors into a wedding, it can be easy to go overboard. To avoid too much green, consider using green-based patterns such as floral or leaf prints with white backgrounds, or opt for green accents rather than large splashes of green in fabrics and decorations. Choose a shade that coordinates well with skin color and other wedding details, and you'll find that the lush hue will provide fertile ground for a lovely wedding celebration.

Incorporating Green Into Your Wedding

There are hundreds of ways that couples can incorporate green color wedding ideas into the palette for their celebration, from the ink on the invitations to the color of the candy favors to the flowers in the bride's bouquet. By carefully coordinating each shade and exercising restraint to not go overboard, green can provide a luxuriant wedding color for a memorable celebration.

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