Where to Find Gothic Wedding Dresses

gothic wedding dress

As you search for the perfect gothic wedding dress, you may be surprised at the variety of styles that fall under the term gothic. A gothic wedding dress may be similar to a Renaissance dress, or it may be closer to the dark style of the underworld. Either way, you can plan a wonderful gothic wedding, and find the perfect dress as well.

Define Your Style First

Before you can purchase the perfect gothic wedding dress, you'll need to decide what particular gothic features you prefer. Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down the options:

  • Do you want the underworld look of vampires and witches or a Celtic take with rich fabrics and deep colors?
  • Do you like long, flowing skirts, or would you prefer a skin-tight black or red dress?
  • Do you want a Victorian neckline or a plunging bodice?

Once you've narrowed down your preferences, you are ready to buy.

Where to Buy Gothic Gowns

While there may not be many gothic wedding dress stores in your community, don't think you have to settle for another type of gown for your once-in-a-lifetime day. If you want a gothic wedding dress, there are several online stores with many gothic styles and options to choose from like these:

MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing

Plunging necklines and tightly cinched bodices paired with dark, rich colors of velvet, cotton, brocade and other fabrics are what make these lovely gothic dresses from U.K. based MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing so special. Choose from gowns, dresses and mini-dresses, as well as Goth-inspired headdresses and jewelry, to create a Goth-appropriate look for your special day.

Their clothing is made to order; they request that customers provide them with at least their height as their standard garments fit someone 5'7". They also do custom tailored orders, and these orders require a full set of measurement to assure the proper fit. Stock garments may be returned by prior agreement; special orders are not returnable. For complete details, review their return policy before placing an order.

Their inventory is extensive and the gowns and dresses are mostly black, but there are a few styles featuring dark, jewel-tones like green, orange or purple. Prices are shown in British Pound Sterling, but you can use a currency assistant to convert those prices to U.S. dollars (USD). Prices range around $67 to $195 USD. Pay by international money order in British Pound Sterling or by PayPal. Email them for a shipping estimate before making a purchasing decision.


Devilnight is a U.K. based online vendor for Gothic attire that services and ships to customers worldwide. Prices are quoted in British Pound Sterling so U.S. customers will probably need to use a currency converter; stock garments are available in U.S. sizes 2 to 28.

They carry a large inventory of Gothic wedding dresses in a full range of sleeve options from strapless to long sleeves with neckline options from deep V-necks to deceptively demure sweetheart necklines. While there are many styles available in black or black and white fabrics, there's also a nice selection of dark, lustrous shades of red, green, purple and blue textiles.

Order stock or custom made garments and depending on which you choose, you may need to send complete set of measurements with your order; however, you can use these how to measure tips to ensure a perfect fit. Alterations are free, but customers must pay any shipping costs. Devilnight offers a 24-hour cancelation window, but they also have strict return and exchange policies. Pay for your order safely and securely with PayPal or Western Union.

The Dark Angel

The Dark Angel, also in the U.K., carries a small inventory of gothic themed dresses in signature black and dark colors like red, green and purple. Most of the styles are ball gown length with long sleeves with or without diaphanous oversleeves and tasseled hip-slung belts, and the flowing lines of the dresses are fairy-like and ethereal. However, they also stock a few mid-calf length dresses with asymmetrical hems.

Sizes range from XS to XXL with prices from around $75 to $575 USD. They stock standard sizes or you can have selected designs custom-tailored to fit. Custom orders are non-returnable. Garment weight determines shipping rates and international delivery times are approximately five to 14 days. They accept PayPal and most major credit cards.

Gothic Weddings

Australia-based Gothic Weddings is a custom-only gown supplier. They recommend wedding gowns be ordered at least four months prior to the ceremony, and they offer international shipping quotations and delivery estimates so you can be sure to receive your gown in a timely fashion. They suggest buyers measure themselves and compare those measurements to their size chart, as they do not offer refunds on incorrect sizes. However, they do offer refunds for manufacturing defects and order errors.

Gowns are available in short, mid, tea and full-length in prices ranging from around $180 to $650 USD, and they offer a full range of sleeve options from strapless to long sleeves. Choose from any gown style pictured on the website and have it custom made to fit you perfectly. Prices listed on website are Australian Dollars and should be converted to USD if that is your currency of preference.

A nice benefit of buying your gothic wedding dress here is the stock of rainbow colors to choose from so whether you opt for traditional black gown or something a tad more contemporary, you are sure to find a color and style to suit your taste. Pay for your order with PayPal or most major credit cards.

Ordering Tips

Do use caution before you buy a gothic wedding dress online. Check out return policies and read the small print concerning guarantees and shipping charges. Remember, you may have to pay someone local to do a few alterations once you receive the dress so add that possible expense to your budget.

Orders from vendors outside the United States could be subject to custom fees or import duties, so it's best to check with your local customs office prior to placing an order; if your order is held up in customs, you might not receive it in time for your ceremony. Finally, if you are purchasing from an international vendor, it's probably wise to communicate with them early in the planning process to see how much lead time is needed to turn your order around so you can be assured of receiving your gown prior to your wedding date.

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Where to Find Gothic Wedding Dresses