Gothic Wedding Cakes

Amy Hoover
Use gothic inspiration for a unique cake.

Consider gothic wedding cakes for your upcoming nuptials if you embrace the Gothic lifestyle or are having a Gothic wedding ceremony and want to continue the theme into your reception and dessert.

Gothic Design Influences

People who live a Gothic lifestyle are individuals and may or may not include common elements with others who describe themselves as Goths or Gothic. Depending on your particular lifestyle and beliefs, you may want to include one or more of the following design influences into your unusual wedding cake:

  • Skulls or skeletons
  • Architectural elements, such as archways, stones, and towers
  • Gargoyles
  • Fairy figures
  • Dragons
  • Crypts
  • Druidic symbols
  • Religious symbols, such as a cross or ankh

Use these influences in a number of ways on your wedding cake. Create bride and groom fairies out of modeling chocolate to top the cake. Pipe white skull outlines around each cake tier. Add medieval crosses of various sizes to the sides of the wedding cake. In fact, a skilled decorator could even sculpt an entire cake to look like a Gothic castle from the middle ages.

Colors for Gothic Wedding Cakes

Dark colors are a common element in the outward appearance of Goths and should be incorporated into any wedding cake design. Dark red or burgundy, deep purple hues, navy blue, and black are all excellent colors to use on a wedding cake for a Goth reception.

Unfortunately, buttercream wedding cake designs in black or dark shades may very well dye your guests' tongues and teeth black, too. Instead, look for rolled fondant wedding cakes and put a thick layer of buttercream underneath. This way, guests can enjoy the unusual design with a familiar sweet cake taste. Other dark colors may have the same effect, so ask your decorator about options.

More Gothic Wedding Cake Ideas

Coming up with design ideas for Gothic wedding cakes is a unique request for decorators. If you have friends or family who enjoyed a Gothic cake, make an appointment to meet with their decorator. Otherwise, bring in pictures that depict the different wedding cake design elements you want included and have the decorator create a sketch of your cake based on those photos.

Simple Gothic Rose Cake

A simple way to create a wedding cake is to make one using dark colored roses. The cake base can be white, gray or even black and then roses added. The roses could circle each tier's base, top the cake or even cascade down the side of the cake. Consider the following ideas for a simple Gothic rose cake:

Add blood red roses to the cake.
  • Black fondant covered cake with dark red roses around each tier
  • White buttercream cake with red roses dipped in black cascading down the side
  • Gray buttercream or fondant cake with dark purple roses dipped in silver that top the cake in a bouquet tied with a long dark purple fondant ribbon that goes down the cake tiers

For a macabre twist, a Gothic cake could include dried or dead roses or a withered bouquet. This style of Gothic wedding cake is well suited for a Gothic Halloween wedding.

Blood Red Cake

Black is not the only color you can use in your wedding cake. Instead, look for ideas that use red as the central cake color for a bold look to your cake. Some ideas for a blood red cake include:

  • Stacked white cake with dark red fondant dripping down the sides of the cake in a random pattern
  • Red fondant covered cake with black buttercream piping
  • Dark purple, red, and black fondant Gothic icons on a black fondant covered cake
  • A seemingly innocent cake with a rich red velvet and black icing interior

Gothic Inspired Wedding Cakes

Even if you are planning a wedding with Gothic influence, you do not have to make your entire wedding follow a Gothic theme. Instead, incorporate small elements of Gothic culture into your wedding and your wedding cake. For example, a white cake with simple black and dark red design elements would fit perfectly into a wedding with a few Gothic elements. Alternatively, consider making a crazy groom's cake in a Gothic style and have a more traditionally decorated wedding cake.

Gothic wedding cakes can be the perfect finish to a Gothic style wedding. Along with your decorator, create a unique wedding cake that reflects your personality and the Gothic lifestyle you lead.

Gothic Wedding Cakes