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Gallery of Wedding Dress Pictures

Deb Ng
You can find a picture of your perfect dress

A gallery of wedding dress pictures can help brides-to-be discover the wide range of wedding dress designs available and find the right look for their special day.

Wedding Dress Variety

There are many characteristics of wedding gowns that can be altered to suit each bride's personality, style, and budget, including:

  • Silhouette: The basic outline of the dress has many variations, including the bodice style, skirt shape, and fullness.
  • Length: From tea-length dresses to dramatically long trains, the length of the gown can always be adjusted.
  • Color: While white is still the most popular shade, there are subtle white variations to choose from, and more brides are also choosing colored wedding dresses.
  • Materials: Silk, satin, organza, and tulle are the most popular wedding dress materials, but they aren't the only options.
  • Accents: Wedding dresses are often highly detailed and may include embroidery, lace, crystals, beading, ribbons, rosettes, and other accents.
  • Neckline: From strapless gowns to halter styles, there are many neckline choices to choose from.
  • Sleeves: Sleeveless gowns are popular, while bell sleeves, cap sleeves, and off-the-shoulder gowns are also favored by many brides.

Finding Wedding Dress Pictures

Many resources offer a range of wedding dress pictures. Bridal magazines often feature the latest trends and designer wedding dresses, while wedding forums and website communities may have galleries of personal wedding dress pictures. LoveToKnow Weddings also has a selection of dress galleries in addition to the photos below in our Wedding Dresses category.

Using a Gallery of Wedding Dress Pictures

To make the most of wedding dress pictures…

  • Save pictures of any dress styles you like.
  • Compare what you do and don't like about particular styles.
  • Choose pictures of brides that match your body shape and skin tone for the best results.
  • Share pictures with a bridal shop consultant to find the perfect dress in your price range.

For more information on wedding dresses, planning, and related ideas, click on any of the pictures below.


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Gallery of Wedding Dress Pictures