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Gallery of Exotic Wedding Cakes

Amy Finley
Exotic wedding cake with Stargazer lilies

Explore a gallery displaying exotic wedding cakes to help you choose the perfect sweet finish to your wedding day. Once you've decided on the wedding cake with the right exotic visual appeal you can move on to cake tasting for the ideal combination of design and taste!

Exotic Wedding Cake Expectations

Whether an exotic wedding cake is inspired by an unusual venue, the unique personalities of the bride and groom, or simply a desire for something with a bit more flair than the standard white buttercream, there are ample choices in eclectic cakes. Although traditional tiered wedding cakes can be stunning, today there is such a vast array of choices in color, cake flavor, frosting, and design that many couples opt for cake with a touch of exoticism, whether in the flavor of a spiced rum confection or a completely one-of-a-kind design. Make sure to discuss your expectations for the cake with the confectionary team creating the cake, and be aware that specialty designs typically increase the cake cost, sometimes substantially so.

What Makes a Cake Exotic

Traditional wedding cakes are often round, include at least three pillared tiers, and are made from white cake with a white or ivory buttercream frosting, with frosting flowers as a traditional accompaniment to piped frosting borders. An exotic wedding cake can be anything that deviates from the standard cake. You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on a unique cake, either. Sometimes a bit of ingenuity is all you need to end up with a fabulous and original cake. A few ideas that make a wedding cake intriguing include:

Individual Wedding Cakes with Orchids
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Gallery of Exotic Wedding Cakes