Funny Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations need not be formal, funny invitations may be more your style. Imagine your wedding guests' laughter when they open your humorous invitation. You can choose between funny themes, sayings or create your own hilarious invites!

Funny Themes and Sayings

Maybe you're not a traditional kind of couple and that's what makes you special (and made you fall for each other in the first place). You don't want just any conservative, traditional, or even formal invitations that clash with your humorous nature. Funny wedding invitations allow you to be yourself and give your friends and family exactly what they would expect from you and your spouse-to-be.

You can use funny wedding invitations not just to prove to your friends that you're not going to lose your sense of humor throughout the whole wedding process, and if the picture or saying on the front gives them a chuckle, they're more likely to leave the invitation out on display and remember to save the date.

Funny themes include:

  • One or the other is being dragged to the altar
  • A sneak peek into married life after 20 years or so have passed
  • Cards that almost seem scandalous and use juvenile humor
  • Movie-inspired, like the Ringfinger 007 and Top Groom

Make Your Own

If there's a funny story about how you met or how you decided you needed to be together forever, you can put that on the card. If you don't, but you wish you did, make up a story to tell on the front of the invitation with a funny saying on the inside that lets your readers know that the story is a joke, but the marriage invitation is not. Using deadpan humor and muted, serious tones will add to its funny factor.

If people know you as the couple that likes to go out in the kayak or you met in a literature class, use images as part of the front of your card. Sometimes handmade artwork can be funny enough on its own, if the invitations are going out only to a small group who know you well and would understand the hilarity of you and your spouse-to-be drawn as stick figures coupled with a one-liner and a very "you" image.

Learn more about making your own cards and invitations at LoveToKnow Crafts.

Where to Find Funny Wedding Invitations

If you're not that artsy, wouldn't enjoy making invitations, or you just don't have the time, there are places online that sell humorous invitations for you to send instead. Try shopping at:

Wedding Invitations Plus: There are plenty of themes to choose from, but one in particular is titled Humorous Wedding Invitations. There are pages of funny invitations to choose from.

Zazzle: This site has all sorts of funny cards. There are simple cartoon cards as well as photo cards like the one of the fortune cookie that says, "Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life." There is no minimum order and you can personalize the cards on the inside as you wish. Pricing is available for bulk orders, so don't be deterred by the single card prices.

Use your wedding invitations as a way to show off your creative, humorous side as a couple.

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