Funny Groom's Cake Toppers

Funny cake toppers liven up the reception.

Funny grooms' cake toppers are a lively addition to any reception table. In addition to the traditional white tiered wedding cake, consider having a cake with a lot more personality just for the groom.

What Is a Groom's Cake?

Originally made from fruit cake, a groom's cake is a cake decorated to please the groom. It is usually much smaller than the tiered cake and does not necessarily match the other wedding decor. Thought to have started in the south as a way to include the groom's wishes in traditionally formal affairs, the groom's cake has now been elevated to works of art.

Ideas for Funny Grooms' Cake Toppers

When deciding what type of groom's cake to order, remember this cake is meant to be a reflection of your husband's taste and style. Though it may not be what you would want, this small area of the wedding planning should be based on what your groom enjoys eating and doing.

Wedding Couples

By far the most popular toppers are brides and grooms. Instead of the traditional bride and groom standing hand in hand at the altar, order a topper with the couple in humorous poses. This may be the bride dragging the husband to the altar, the bride carrying the groom, or the bride holding the key to the groom's ball and chain. All of these portray a reluctant groom and a determined bride, which should bring chuckles to the groom's friends, especially if the groom was a "confirmed bachelor" before he met his bride to be.


Customized sports themes are also common for grooms' cakes. Choose from a variety of NCAA and NFL team logos for backgrounds of the bride dragging the groom to the altar. Grooms playing football, soccer, and rugby are also available with many showing a bride chasing after her groom. The bride as a cheerleader rooting for her man complete with a megaphone and foam finger declaring she is the number one fan work well for grooms that are sports fanatics.


If your groom is into fishing, the "hooked on love" cake topper portrays the groom holding a fishing pole and dangling a wedding ring just out of reach of his bride's outstretched arms. For the couch potato groom, a cake topper depicting the groom in his favorite recliner watching television and holding the remote will be a hit. A deer groom's cake is perfect for an avid hunter. Motorcycle riding grooms may appreciate the cake topper that portrays a cool groom with his "hot mama" bride riding on the back.

Where to Buy Funny Toppers

Local shops may not have a large selection of funny toppers so your best bet is to order from an online retailer. Some sites even offer customization such as sports teams and ethnicity:

Enjoy the Cake

No matter which of the funny grooms' cake toppers your groom ends up ordering, just go with the flow. Be sure to take photos of the cake before it is cut so you can remind your groom that he had at least a small amount of control over the wedding process and that you were a good sport. Letting him choose the design also shows you are willing to compromise, which is a sign you are starting your marriage out right.

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Funny Groom's Cake Toppers