Free Wedding Fonts

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Finding wedding fonts that are free can help couples planning their wedding stationery. Free fonts for your wedding are easy to use without sacrificing beauty and style. A few helpful tips ensure you properly use the fonts so your wedding invitations look just as professional as custom printed ones.

Wedding Font Uses

Couples on a tight budget may choose to make many wedding essentials themselves, including wedding favors, the wedding veil, or different types of wedding stationery. Free fonts can be perfect for:

Using the same font for different types of wedding stationery will create an elegant, coordinated look and be easier to manage than multiple fonts, styles, and designs.

What to Look for in a Font

Choosing a wedding font is more complicated than simply picking one that looks nice. Several factors must be considered when deciding on a font, including:

  • Character Set: If the font will be used for multiple purposes, a full character set including upper and lower cases, numbers, and punctuation is essential. Special characters may also be desirable depending on the wedding invitation wording.
  • Readability: An ornate script font may be beautiful and romantic, but it may be too difficult to read unless it is very large. Choose a font that is suitably formal but still legible at a practical size for the wedding invitations and other stationery.
  • Style: Script fonts are the most popular for weddings because they are stylish and elegant, but they are not the only option. A casual font is suitable for a second wedding or less formal event, and themed fonts can be used as well. An old English ornate font, for example, is perfect to use for a Renaissance wedding ceremony, while a gothic font may be best for a Halloween wedding.

Finding Free Wedding Fonts

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There are many online resources that offer suitable fonts for weddings at no charge. To find the perfect free elegant wedding font, simply browse the directories and download the fonts to your computer. In many cases, the fonts may be downloaded in a .zip file that will need to be opened for proper installation, and always be sure you have downloaded the appropriate font file for your computer.

Popular directories offering free wedding fonts include:

Free vs. Purchased Fonts

Some directories also allow users to purchase fonts. Prices vary from less than $10 to $50 or higher depending on how many fonts are purchased. While many free fonts are perfectly lovely, a purchased font may be a higher quality and more suitable for a wedding. Some directories also offer downloads of hundreds of fonts for a flat fee, which can make it easier for a couple to find their preferred wedding font at their leisure, rather than spending hours searching different directories. Merchants offering fonts for purchase include Font Marketplace and Abstract Fonts.

Tips for Using Fonts

Once you have found the perfect font for all your wedding needs, it may take some experimentation to craft the best invitations and other wedding stationery. These tips can help ensure all your printing looks just as professional as if it were custom designed.

  • Always print a sample invitation or program to judge spacing, size, and readability and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Use fresh printer ink for even, clear results.
  • Choose a legible font color - dark printing on a lighter paper works best. If your invitation is dark, consider using a light colored interior panel for the printing.
  • For fancy, elaborate fonts, consider using the script only for headings and printing the rest of the information in a more readable, basic font. If using more than one font, keep changes to a minimum for a clean, professional look.
  • Take note of which fonts are used and in what sizes in case it is necessary to replicate the results in other pieces of wedding stationery.

Free wedding fonts are easy to find and can be very helpful for do-it-yourself couples who are printing their own wedding invitations, programs, and other stationery. By choosing fonts carefully and using them appropriately, every couple can have professional results without spending a fortune.

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