Free Online Wedding Cake Catalogs

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Free wedding cake catalogs can be found online. Brides who take advantage of free online cake catalogs can find inspiration for their perfect wedding cake. These free tips and information make choosing a wedding cake easy and stress-free.

About Wedding Cake Catalogs

A wedding cake catalog is more than just a photo gallery of designer wedding cakes and extravagant confections. While the pictures are helpful for brides who aren't sure what type of wedding cake design they are interested in, additional information is often included in catalogs, such as:

  • Emerging trends in cake design
  • Tips for how to cut a wedding cake
  • A planning timeline for ordering a wedding cake
  • Popular cake flavors and flavor combinations
  • Unique cake colors and designs
  • Suggestions for wedding cake tops
  • Tips for choosing the appropriate wedding cake size
  • Current wedding cake prices or cost estimates
  • Directories of local vendors and bakeries
  • Wedding money saving ideas for choosing a cake
  • Tips for decorating a wedding cake table

How to Use a Catalog

Couples should investigate different catalogs to discover the range of wedding cake options that are available for their budget, wedding style, local area, and personal preferences. The best way to use a catalog is to clip out important information or inspirational photos to share with the bakery as a guideline for creating the wedding cake. While every bakery may not be able to duplicate every cake design, if a couple shows their baker several photos of similar cakes that they like, they can discuss the good and bad points of each design to create a one-of-a-kind wedding cake for the couple's special day.

Finding Free Wedding Cake Catalogs

Cake catalogs can be difficult to find, since bakers typically have specialties and design styles that other bakeries will not precisely duplicate or imitate. Free wedding cake catalogs may be available at local bakeries, however, as well as other bridal vendor locations such as reception halls, caterers, and from wedding planners. The website Caroline's Cakes offers a free catalog with information and photos to serve as inspiration. Many bridal magazines also have wedding cake sections with photos and vendor information.

Alternatives to Printed Catalogs

If couples cannot find free cake catalogs, online wedding cake picture galleries can be equally useful. Couples can bookmark or print the pictures they like best so they can use them to coordinate with a baker to create their perfect cake.

LoveToKnow Weddings offers several galleries of wedding cake photos that showcase a wide range of cake designs:


Our Wedding Cakes Category also features dozens of helpful articles on wedding cakes and groom's cakes, covering different cake styles, accessories, and more.

Additional online wedding cake photo galleries can be found at these websites:

Look for Inspiration

Free wedding cake catalogs can offer couples inspiration for their perfect wedding dessert, from discussing trends in cake flavors and design to showcasing elegant and beautiful wedding cakes through thousands of tasty pictures. By browsing through different catalogs and online resources, couples can discover that even with so many options to choose from, choosing the wedding dessert of their dreams is a piece of cake.

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