Free Wedding Backgrounds

Blush roses background for wedding stationary

Free backgrounds for your wedding can enhance every aspect of your big day. These amazing touches of romance are used on wedding invitations and often incorporated into the wedding reception decorations. With so many styles available, it's possible to find just the right background for all your nuptial needs.

Free Backgrounds for Your Nuptials

You may be asking yourself when should a background be used? The beauty is found in the answer - anywhere and everywhere! There are wedding backgrounds available for almost every phase of your planning. Feel free to unleash your own creativity when it comes to the perfect backdrop for every detail - the sky's the limit and the day is yours to do what you please when it comes to your planning.

Backgrounds for Engagement Pictures

Many couples like to get engagement pictures taken in conjunction with their big announcement. The setting for these photographs can help cultivate an ongoing theme or color scheme for your wedding planning, or can just simply provide a romantic look to some of the most special photographs you'll ever take.

If you have a friend who is involved with photography, consider asking them to take your pictures. Even though they may expect a fee for the actual labor, they may also have access to plenty of free backgrounds for you to choose. From basic slate to gorgeous cityscapes, there are plenty of photography backdrops that will work well for engagement photos. Don't have a friend in the industry? Don't like your chosen photographer's backgrounds? Ask if you can take the shoot outside and take advantage of nature's unbeatable free backgrounds, from sunsets to seascapes.

Use Backgrounds on Invitations and Programs

Obtaining your own free backgrounds allow you to have a consistent theme throughout your planning. You can use the same background on your wedding invitations and ceremony programs, leaving guests with a classy, pulled together feeling when it comes to your wedding day ambiance. Finding free backgrounds can be as simple as starting up a free trial membership with a website such as, which has a gorgeous selection of templates.

There are also websites that offer completely free graphics and backgrounds with no strings attached. While these sites may be cluttered, some of them do have great content. Be sure to check terms of service carefully, however, to be sure you can use the graphics and backgrounds for free.

Church entrance background for a wedding photo

Background Ideas for Your Ceremony

If you are getting married in a church, chances are your background options are limited to what's already set up in that specific house of worship. However, if you're getting married elsewhere, you can get creative with your wedding day backgrounds. Don't limit yourself to the simple canvas backdrop ideal associated with a portrait studio. Think outside the box and ask around for things you can borrow from friends, family members, and colleagues. These items may include flower vines, twinkle lights, faux columns, or a special statue or photograph. If you have a wedding planner, you can also ask her for ideas on creating your perfect nuptial backdrop, and she may even have photographs of past events she's coordinated.

Reception Backgrounds

Again, get cheap and crafty when it comes to the look of your reception site. Chances are, you've already spent a hefty budget on your guests' food and favors, so seek out creatively free wedding backgrounds at your reception site ahead of time. Perhaps the head table at the country club is usually situated adjacent to the dance floor, but you've spotted a gorgeous brick and stone fireplace that would make for a perfect backdrop. Maybe guest tables are in the ballroom, but you've noticed there is another room available that day with picturesque windows overlooking a flower garden. You'll never know unless you ask, so take a risk and see what amazing possibilities are out there.

Website Backgrounds

Free wedding backgrounds are also available for the fun extras leading up to the big day, such as your personal wedding website or your desktop wallpaper at the office.

Many websites, such as, offer free or low cost wedding websites for couples. You may have your choice of free backgrounds to choose from, or have the option of uploading free backgrounds from other sources to your website.

If You Love a Background, Use It

Take every opportunity to relish in your special days as an engaged girl - the time will fly by as you paint the backdrop for the rest of your life. If you find free backgrounds for the various components of your wedding celebration and you really love them, take advantage and use them.

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Free Wedding Backgrounds