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Flower girl with tiara

There are many choices of headpieces when it comes to a flower girl and her wedding attire. A glamorous tiara or veil that mimics the bride's are some popular choices, as well as ribbons, bows or barrettes.


Brides who choose to wear a tiara may want their flower girl headpiece to match. Other brides may choose to have their flower girl wear a tiara to complement a princess look for a fairytale themed wedding, or simply complement the dress the flower girl is wearing.

Tiaras can be worn with the hair styled up or down, although hair worn at least partially up can help give some body and weight to the piece, helping to anchor it into place. A couple good places to find tiaras for flower girls include:

  • Sophia's Style: Sophia's Style has numerous tiaras suitable for flower girls, including crystals, rhinestones, garnets, silver and gold in numerous sizes and styles. Find full tiaras starting as low as $10.
  • Flower Girl Dress for Less: Flower Girl Dress for Less carries multiple rhinestone tiaras in several different colors and sizes. Pricing starts as low as $6.95 a piece.


Veils are another option for flower girls. Much shorter in length than a bride's traditional veil, they often attach to the back of a tiara or ring of flowers. This look often complements flower girls with curly updos, although it can be done with hair down or pulled into a sleek bun.

The veil or combination veil with tiara look is something many brides choose for an older flower girl that is considered to be more of a "miniature bride." This is a slightly older flower girl who may wear a scaled-down version of the bride's dress.

Look for flower girl veils at:

Flower girl with veil
  • David's Bridal has a large variety of veils and headpieces to choose from, some attached by combs, others by flower wreaths and some by tiaras. Pricing ranges, depending on the type of attachment chosen; many are under $50.
  • Etsy: This online market place has one of the most extensive collections of flower girl veils to choose from. Most attach by combs, although a few attach to tiaras or wreaths. A few shorter styles are available here. The length and style of veil will determine price, which ranges from around $10 to $70.

Ring of Flowers

Flower girls in outdoor or spring/summer weddings often wear rings or wreaths around their heads. Select from real flowers with small leaves and a visible vine, or faux flowers. If you select real flowers, have them made by your florist or by a family member, within a day or two of the wedding to make sure they look fresh.

Flower girls with hair wreaths

Faux flower headpieces are often less costly and can be found year round. They also may have strong combs attached for positioning. Rings of flowers work well for slightly older girls wearing their hair down because the flowers can help pull it back from their faces. Girls wearing updos may look better with a smaller ring of flowers attached securely in the lifted portion of the hair. Places to purchase hair wreaths include:

  • Light in the Box: Light in the Box carries silk, paper, and foam flower head wreaths in a wide variety of different colors and styles. Pricing starts at around $5.
  • Pink Princess: Pink Princess sells flower wreaths with or without attached veils. Their wreaths come with combs for easier attaching, and they come in a wide range of different colors. Find several options around the $10 mark.

Ribbons and Bows

Younger flower girls who may not want a large or invasive headpiece often do well with either a large bow holding their hair back, or ribbons attached to combs or barrettes. Due to the simplicity of this style, this works best for girls with longer hair that is worn down so the ribbon or bow does not overpower their head. Using either a bow or some ribbons is a great way of introducing a little bit of color to the flower girl's outfit.

Look for bows and ribbons at:

Emerson bow at Bitty Bows Boutique
  • Girls Dress Line: Girls Dress Line has a nice selection of different hair bows both in white, and in an assortment of bright colors. The bows may be accompanied by streamers, or plain and come attached to both clips and combs. All their bows are less than $10.
  • Bitty Bows Boutique: Bitty Bows Boutique is the place to shop for hair bows that are a little more glamorous. They have several bows with crystals or rhinestones, as well as flower-shaped bows to complement a number of styles. Options are $13 or less.

Decorated Clips and Snaps

If the flower girl is wearing her hair at least partially up, consider using some clips or snaps decorated with rhinestones, pearls or other decorative beads. If you go this route, make sure the flower girl's hair is thick enough to support the clip, as many of these beaded pieces are heavy and may slide out of thinner hair. This is also a good opportunity to introduce a small amount of color to the flower girl's outfit. This look often works better on slightly older girls who can pull off the elaborately decorated clips.

Shop for decorated clips at:

  • Sophia's Style: Sophia's Style has a large selection of beaded and crystal hair clips and snaps. Some are made up of woven beads while others are more simple. They come in a wide range of colors. Some clips are as low as $1.99 each.
  • Jena Richards: Jena Richards has a beautiful collection of pearl and crystal hair clips, many of which are suitable for flower girls. They have several vintage styles that can complement many different wedding themes, like art deco or butterfly. Prices range from less than $10 to nearly $70 per piece.

Flower Barrettes

If a full scale hair wreath is a little too much for younger flower girls, or if your wedding is more simplistic in style, consider using a flower barrette to anchor your flower girl's hair away from her face. Flower barrettes are often made of silk or artificial flowers attached to a clip. They can hold back the sides of the hair, or collect the hair in the back for a half updo. Larger flowers are often a good choice for very young flower girls, while smaller blooms make the best choices for older girls. Select a brightly colored flower to instantly add a small pop of color to the ensemble.

Feather Flower Hair Clip at My Diva's Closet
Feather Flower Hair Clip at My Diva's Closet

Purchase flower barrettes from:

  • My Diva's Closet: My Diva's Closet has a very large selection of different flower hair clips and barrettes. They range from small to large and are available in several different blooms to match the bride's bouquet, as well as every color of the rainbow. Materials range from silk to chiffon to lace. Pricing is affordable at less than $10 for most items.
  • Bitty Bows: Bitty Bows Boutique has a wide array of different flower hair clips made of different materials including lace, silk and sequins. Items come in at less than $20.


Girls with short or fine hair, as well as girls who are wearing their hair down, can make use of decorative headbands. Headbands for flower girls are often white and may be adorned with pearls, crystals or small flowers to make a subtle statement in the girl's hair. Other head bands may be brighter or bolder in color with a large flower on one side. They may or may not have a veil attached as well. Simple weddings or flower girls wearing very plain dresses often look the best with a headband, rather than a more eye-catching headpiece.

Look for flower girl headbands at:

  • Etsy: Once again, this marketplace carries a variety of flower girl headbands, as well as some bolder, more brightly colored headbands with flowers attached. Find a headband for under $10.
  • Flower Girl Dress for Less: Flower Girl Dress for Less carries a very wide range of different headbands including simple bands with large flowers, bold colored headbands and subtle headbands decorated with crystals. Elaborate pieces can cost nearly $60, while simple items come in at around $9 each.

Complete the Look

The right headpiece can be the finishing touch for your flower girl's wedding hairstyle. Find the right piece to fit in with your wedding and rest assured that even the smallest member of the bridal party is dressed for the occasion.

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