Famous Couples Printable for a Bridal Shower Game

Amy Hoover
Woman doing a bridal shower game.

A famous couples printable bridal shower game is a quick and easy activity for everyone who attends a wedding shower. You can create your own game sheet or opt for convenience and print the free game sheet offered here.

Download a Free Celebrity Couples Shower Game

When a couple gets engaged, they sometimes fantasize they will have a relationship like many famous couples throughout history, literature and the movies. Emulating a famous couple evokes images of fortune and happiness for many brides and grooms. While every couple it different, it still doesn't hurt to take a few tips from couples who made it, whether they are fictional or real.

Making your own printable takes extra effort on top of everything else a hostess needs to do for the bridal shower. Instead, use a ready-made free printable bridal shower game that includes a range of couples who have been famous for many years. Use Adobe to download the Famous Couples Printable Bridal Shower Game and use it at the next wedding shower you host.

Create Your Own Printable Shower Game

Creating your own wedding shower game is fairly easy. Think of the bride's favorite movies, books, actors and significant figures throughout history. Another idea is to think of recent celebrity weddings. Divide the spouses into two separate columns. Try to leave off any relationships that ended up not working out unless the couple is extremely famous. Write the lists down two sides of a paper, print it off, and your shower game is ready to go.

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Famous Couples Printable for a Bridal Shower Game