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Invitations for a fall wedding combine the warm, rich colors of the season. You can use fall images and motifs to complement this wedding theme.


Autumn is beautiful season, and many brides take advantage of the changing foliage and crisp weather for their wedding. Many Fall wedding invitations incorporate the colors found in nature, utilizing rich reds, oranges, and browns.

Traditional Colors

Common choices include colors traditionally associated with the season from the warm color family. These include colors such as:

  • Goldenrod Yellow
  • Rust Orange
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Burnt Orange
  • Burnt Umber
  • Wheat
  • Cinnamon
  • Sepia
  • Sangria
  • Russet
  • Saffron
  • Pumpkin

Other Color Choices

Depending on the colors of your wedding and your preferences, however, your color choices may be very different. If you want less color, you can find wedding invitations in cream shades with just hints of Fall color. You can also find invitations that use slightly cooler colors with Fall motifs. Colors like rose, teal, olive, forest green, and peach and pink shades are also available.

Black and White

Black and white autumn invitations offer a look that is both classic and contemporary. If you think you won't find black and white invitations for Fall, you might be surprised. White and cream shades with black sketches and writing, black invitations with white printing, and various shades of gray are available in a number of different styles.

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The motifs for Autumn wedding invitations often center on Autumn leaves. Maple, oak, and currant leaf images are common. Images of scattered or blowing leaves are popular, piles of leaves and single leaf prints. Autumn trees are sometimes embossed on invitations and offer very delicate look. Color blocking and squared images give a contemporary feel to many invitations. Other foliage choices available are ferns and Fall flowers.

Autumn produce is another motif sometimes found in wedding invitations. Apples, pears, grapevines, and berries, although less common than leaf motifs, are also available.


Embellishments can add a unique touch to an otherwise simple card. While there is nothing wrong with having a very simple design, it is also easy to find 'spiced up' versions of simple cards.


Charms are another choice to add a subtle splash to your invitations. Instead of having autumn leaves or other images adorn the actual card, the card can be one color with contrasting printing and embellished with a charm affixed to the top of the card. Leaf, acorn, marigold, and sunflower charms in copper or gold tones add a special touch.

Other Embellishments

Ribbon and raffia are also available in many card styles. Silk or satin ribbon adds a distinctive touch of elegance, while raffia offers a warm rustic feel. Silver or gold cord adds a bit of sparkle and splash.

Card clips can hold together your invitation, reception card, and any other information included while offering a decorative touch. Your envelopes can be embellished with decorative copper, gold, or other seals that match your Fall wedding invitations for a nominal cost.

Other Tips

  • You'll have to be thinking of your Fall wedding invitations when Springtime is in bloom. It's generally recommended to order your invitations at least four months in advance. If you need them quickly, you may be able to find a local printer or have them shipped on a rush order to have them ready sooner.
  • Order extra invitations in case you forgot someone, or after you place the order, your parents insist your great-great- Uncle- Albert- whom- you- haven't- seen- since- you- were- ten should be invited to the wedding.
  • Ordering extra outer envelopes is also a good idea in case of name or address mistakes. Ten percent more outer envelopes than you need is the common recommendation.
  • Don't let outside people talk you out of the Fall wedding invitations you want. Even in your dear mother means well, it's your wedding. If you want maple leaves in lavender and gold rather than burnt umber and saffron, there's nothing wrong with that choice. If you can't find the colors and motif you have your heart set on, you can order custom invitations.

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