Fall Wedding Decorations

Autumn Locations


Fall decorations that are bold, colorful and elegant are ideal for an autumn wedding. Choose a wedding venue that takes advantage of natural fall decorations. Decorate with colorful leaves scattered along the aisle with a fall foliage backdrop for photos.

Fall Wedding Flowers


Flowers are the most popular wedding decoration, and there is a wide range of fall blooms in luscious autumn colors such as red, orange, and yellow. Recycle fall wedding flowers by create bouquets that can double as centerpieces and altar arrangements that can be moved to the wedding reception.

Large Decorations


Decorate large open areas at a fall wedding site with rustic arrangements of hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins, and gourds mixed with seasonal flowers such as mums or autumn daisies. Include rustic accents such as a weathered crate, wicker basket, or tin tub. These fall wedding decorations are perfect at the beginning of the aisle, near the altar, or to decorate the corners of an open reception site.

Table Lanterns


Candles are popular at fall weddings for their warm welcome and romantic symbolism, and an open iron table lantern with leaf accents is perfect as a centerpiece. Sprinkle other small votive candles around the centerpiece to make it larger and add more ambient light to each table setting.

Pumpkin Centerpieces


Carved pumpkins are a popular centerpiece for autumn weddings. Hollow out a small pumpkin and fill it with wet floral foam to support a small flower arrangement in a lovely natural vase. For a larger centerpiece, add smaller pumpkins, gourds, or votive candles around the carved pumpkin.

Place Settings


Make each place setting a decoration by adding a large sunflower or daisy bloom as a colorful accent. This is a great way to add flowers to reception tables without using overly large centerpieces, but be sure each place setting flower still coordinates with other decorations for a cohesive, matching look.

Autumn Arches


Wedding arches are popular to decorate outdoor ceremony sites, reception entrances, and photo spots. Add autumn flowers to a basic arch to give it a burst of color that matches the season, or wrap leaf garlands around the arch to match nearby foliage.

Table Linens


Instead of predictable white tablecloths and plain table linens, get colorful with your fall wedding decorations by choosing wooden tables topped with placemats and napkins in colorful autumn hues. A plaid or patterned fabric can work well, or choose a range of lovely fall colors that complement your wedding palette.

Autumn Wreaths


A wreath of autumn leaves, flowers, or harvest items can be a beautiful decoration for a fall wedding. Hang wreaths on church and reception hall doors, around lights, or behind the head table to add color and texture to the walls. For a coordinated look, be sure the wreaths match the flowers, greenery, and foliage used in bouquets and centerpieces.



A harvest cornucopia can be a beautiful centerpiece for a fall wedding. The horn of plenty may be filled with fruits and vegetables, nuts, breads, wedding flowers, grains, or leaves to coordinate with a specific wedding theme. Hanging horns are also available and can be lovely to decorate rustic walls.

Get Fruity


Autumn is a rich season of harvest, and incorporating harvest items such as apples, grapes, nuts, and grains into your decorations is both festive and seasonally appropriate. It can also be far more creative and unique than just using flowers, and fall harvest fruits and vegetables are just as colorful as any floral arrangements.

Leaf Garlands


A real or silk garland of autumn leaves can be a beautiful touch for your fall wedding. Drape the garland along the seats next to the wedding aisle, up a staircase at the church, around pillars at the reception hall, or along wedding reception tables for quick and easy color that matches your seasonal theme.

Cakes Just Right for Fall


The wedding cake is just as much a decoration as it is a dessert. Choose your fall wedding cake with care so it will coordinate with your autumn theme, and opt for fondant leaf cutouts, fall floral decorations, and rich harvest tastes to make your cake both beautiful and delicious.

Fun Autumn Favors


Attractive wedding favors can be extra decorations at every place setting. Maple leaf jars of syrup, mini aluminum pails with potted mums, scented candles in autumn votive holders, and richly flavored chocolates in fall colored favor boxes are all wonderful choices that your guests will enjoy.

Candy Bars


If you are interested in a candy bar at your wedding reception, use it as part of your fall decorations by adding autumn sweets such as candy corn, caramels, or chocolate leaves to the assortment, and you'll have decorations that are both delicious and beautiful.

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Fall Wedding Decorations