Fall Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Fall Bouquet


Lovely fall flower arrangements are ideal for weddings when you want to include nature's burst of color. Classic and creative fall flower arrangements can be outstanding additions to autumn wedding decorations.

The first fall arrangement many brides consider is the bridal bouquet. Bold fall colors such as orange, red, and gold are offset with surprising bursts of bright green, or you can opt for more muted tones if desired.

Altar Arrangements


Hanging cascades of fall flowers in autumn hues can help decorate an altar, chuppah, gazebo, canopy, or archway. Alternatively, consider fall floral garlands to wrap around beams and arches for a lovely botanical touch.

Sweet and Simple


Fall flower arrangements for weddings don't need to be elaborate. A simple pot of chrysanthemums in full bloom is an easy and pretty choice. Use a terra cotta pot, tin pail, or simple earthenware vase for a rustic touch that matches these casual flowers.

Candle Arrangements


Candles can be a romantic part of wedding lighting, and adding a taper candle to a fall flower arrangement gives it a unique and practical touch. The candles can be fall hues of brown, rust, mustard, sage, or other muted colors, or opt to use the candle to match the bridal party colors. White, of course, is also the perfect choice for wedding candles.

Large Arrangements


Large flower arrangements that include big blooms of sunflowers and long stems of other fall flowers are perfect for altar decorations, adding to an entry hall, or adorning a buffet or gift table. Avoid larger arrangements on dining tables, however, as they can block conversation and will take up too much space needed for place settings.

Pumpkin Centerpieces


A quaint choice for fall centerpieces is to use a hollowed pumpkin as a makeshift seasonal vase, but be sure the pumpkins do not begin to go soft before the wedding. Ceramic and foam pumpkins are also available but will be more expensive.

Floral Pumpkin


Small flowers can be pinned directly into the skin of a pumpkin to create a seasonal yet unique flower arrangement. Do not create floral pumpkins too early, however, or the blooms may wilt and the pumpkins begin to soften before the big day. As a long-lasting alternative, consider using silk blooms to cover a foam pumpkin.

Multiple Pots


Multiple pots of fall flowers in similar arrangements can be used as an elongated centerpiece down a rectangular table. Other options include use pots on outdoor stairways, lining a path, or adding color to a wide windowsill. Intersperse small pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal accents between the pots for even more decoration.

Fall Vases


A simple autumn bouquet can be made more unusual with a unique vase. Browse antique stores to find different options, or choose other clever containers such as earthenware jugs, tin pails, or woven baskets.

Fall Beach Flowers


Beach weddings can be beautiful in the fall, and you can add a touch of the beach to your flower arrangements by layering sand, gravel, and shells in clear vases. Choose flowers in fall colors, such as creamy orange roses, to connect the beach motif to the season.

Fall Wreaths


A fall floral wreath can adorn a church or reception hall door, hang on the wall during the wedding reception, or be used to decorate the getaway car. If it is made from silk flowers, the wreath can become part of a couple's home décor after the wedding.

Surprise Colors


Fall flower arrangements for weddings do not all have to be orange, gold, red, and brown. Add a surprising burst of color such as a touch of lime green, bright purple, or shocking pink for a bold bit of personalization.

Basket Flowers


A basket can be a simple but beautiful way to display fall flowers for a wedding. Choose a woven basket in earth tones and wrap a coordinating ribbon through it or around the handles for more personalization.

Fruit and Flowers


Fall flower arrangements can contain more than just flowers. Add fruit such as grapes, apples, or pears for a tasty touch, or consider adding fall leaves or ripe grains for more seasonal accents.

Colored Vases


While the colors of fall flowers are often warm and burnished, you can add a bold touch of any color you wish with a glass bowl or colored vase. Rich blue, bright teal, midnight purple, and radiant pink are popular and unexpected choices.

Cake Flowers


When considering what fall flower arrangements you need for your wedding, don't forget a floral cake topper if you plan to use flowers to decorate your wedding cake. Most bakers can supply a holder for a simple floral topper, and your florist can create the arrangement to match the cake's size and your wedding flower choices.

Classic Roses


Roses are a classic wedding flower choice because of their romantic symbolism, and they are available in many fall hues. Bright red and crimson shades are popular, as are orange, yellow, and auburn roses. A large arrangement is perfect for a buffet table, while smaller arrangements with fewer flowers can decorate individual tables.

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Fall Flower Arrangements for Weddings