Fairy Wedding Dresses

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brides dressed as fairies
Fairy bridal gowns are popular and pretty.

Fairy wedding dresses are a fanciful alternative to traditional garden wedding dresses or flowy beach wedding dresses.

Magical Fairy Gowns

Fairies evoke a sense of sweetness, nature and innocence, and gowns with a hint of fairy beauty in them are beautiful themed wedding dresses. For brides who aren't having a themed wedding, a fairy dress can be a charming choice in the right setting.

Fairy Wedding Gown Styles

The first thing that comes to mind when imagining fairy wedding dresses is wings. Few wedding dresses actually come with wings attached, even if they are advertised as a fairy design. Instead, it may be necessary to visit a costume shop or order wings online. Though wings may be the first thought, plenty of other style options have a fairy-like feel, even without wings attached.

Short, sassy gowns with an uneven hem are perfect for a summer outdoor wedding. These dresses have a hint of sexiness to them, so be careful with how much skin is showing.

Long dresses are also an option, especially those with a flowing chiffon skirt or layers of tulle. Avoid heavy ball gowns or large skirts. Adornments to the dress, such as a vine embroidery pattern, satin flowers or even butterflies, are also reminiscent of a fairy. More style options include:

  • Shimmering fabric for an ethereal glow
  • Trumpet, bell, or angel sleeves
  • Lightweight detachable capes or capelets in lieu of trains
  • Corset wedding dresses with lace-up backs

Because so few wedding gowns themselves are actually designed to look like a fairy gown, it may be necessary to rent or buy the entire gown from a costume shop to get the exact look you want. Otherwise, consider designing your own wedding dress with a skilled seamstress for the ultimate fairy wedding dress. Reworking a used wedding dress with some fairy accents is another way to create the gown of your dreams.

Gown Colors

red wings Red fairy wings

While many brides will want to stick to traditional white, ivory or off-white colored dresses, a fairy style allows for some creativity when it comes to color. Colored wedding dresses for fairies usually include pretty pastel colors like powder blue, pale yellow, lavender and baby pink. Accent a white dress with soft pastel ribbons and embellishments like sequins and rhinestones.

Not all fairies are wholesome creatures. Give your fairy dress an edge by using colors reminiscent of gothic wedding dresses, like blood red, black or deep purple. This allows you to keep the fairy theme but let your own style and personality shine through. Even if you don't want your entire gown to be done gown in a dark color, you can accent the dress with them in the crystals, edging, or embroidery. Alternately, accent the wings or capelet in gothic-fairy colors.

Accessories for Fairy Wedding Dresses

Complete the entire fairy wedding dress look by adding the right accessories. A simple wedding dress with wings might not create the entire fairy wedding design you want to create. Adding accessories will make the fairy wedding come together.

fairy woman Accessories complete the fairy style.

Few fairies actually wear bridal tiaras or crowns. Unless you are going for a fairy princess style, avoid these headpieces. Instead, consider a wedding hairstyle that has thin headbands accented with flowers or even a floral crown. Hair that is curled and somewhat messy, whether in an updo or styled down, is perfect for the fairy style.

For a natural fairy look, consider going barefoot in a garden. Otherwise, look for shoes with lots of ribbons and lace, or a simple slip-on style.

Wedding day makeup should be light and pretty. Pastel colors for the eyes, instead of heavy dark liner, are a must. Wear glossy lipstick for a kissable pout. Blush with a light shimmer is perfect for dusting all over the face. Avoid dark bronzer, as this adds an odd aspect to the otherwise light look of a fairy.

Carry an alternative to a wedding bouquet, such as a small pouch filled with glitter. Sprinkle this as you walk down the aisle, as your fairy "dust." Check with your ceremony location to be sure this is allowed. Another alternative would be to carry a fairy wand with ribbons hanging down from it.

Fairy wedding dresses are charming choices for brides who want an unusual wedding dress without sacrificing the beautiful style of a traditional gown.

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Fairy Wedding Dresses