Eiffel Tower Wedding Cakes

Photo of a bride and groom near the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower designs for wedding cakes are a gourmet feat of icing, baking, and wedding cake artistry. You can bring a bit of Parisian romance to your wedding festivities with this theme and its many styles.

Designs for Eiffel Tower Wedding Cakes

There are many unique design options for an exquisite Eiffel Tower cake. The tower is beautiful architecture that can be mimicked or recreated in a number of ways, including:

  • An abstract or precise recreation of the Eiffel Tower as the entire cake
  • A single layer cake used as the observation deck of an Eiffel Tower wedding cake stand
  • Choosing an Eiffel Tower wedding cake top in porcelain, crystal, or metal
  • Creating an intricately detailed cake complete with interior lighting
  • A large tower cake with individual square wedding cakes serving as the base for each foot of the structure
  • Cutout Eiffel Tower accents adorning a more traditional wedding cake
  • A sculpted or molded chocolate tower used as a topper or accents on the cake

Couples should be aware that because of the detailed architecture of the Eiffel Tower, an elaborate tower cake will generally have a higher wedding cake price than a simpler design. A specialized baker will be needed to create a highly detailed cake, though simpler variations or toppers can be applied to most styles of wedding cakes with minimal effort or expense.

Photo of an Eiffel Tower cake topper


For pictures of different Eiffel Tower wedding cakes, visit these resources:

Eiffel Tower cake toppers are available from a number of online wedding accessory retailers, including:

Do-it-yourself couples may be interested in this abstract Eiffel Tower cake design and recipe offered by Better Homes and Gardens.

Related Ideas

If an Eiffel Tower cake isn't quite right for the celebration or doesn't fit into the wedding budget, couples can opt for other romantic Parisian touches at their festivities.

  • Choose Eiffel Tower shaped cookies or miniature figurines as wedding favors
  • Use a model of the Eiffel Tower as part of the wedding décor, such as for an arch backdrop for the ceremony or as a focal point at the reception
  • Use Eiffel Tower wedding clipart and graphics on invitations, programs, and other stationery
  • Design tapered wedding reception centerpieces with shapes similar to the Eiffel Tower

Adding these extra details to the wedding decorations can also create a coordinated Eiffel Tower theme that includes an exquisite cake and other romantic accents.

If these types of different wedding cakes aren't quite appropriate for the wedding cake itself, they can be fun options for a groom's cake.

Eiffel Tower wedding cakes can be simple abstract designs reminiscent of the famous tower's distinctive shape, or they can be elaborate recreations of its stunning architecture. With many design options available, any couple interested in adding a bit of Parisian romance to their nuptials can indulge in the sweet taste of the Eiffel Tower.

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