Easy and Cheap Wedding Reception Decorations

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas
Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding reception decorations can be expensive, but it's easy to find cheap alternatives to stay within your budget. Some things to consider when shopping for decorations for a wedding reception include what area you're decorating, the fabrics and materials available, lighting options, and centerpieces.

Easy and Cheap Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

When it comes to easy and cheap wedding reception decorations, keep "simple" in the front of your mind. After all, the simpler a decoration is the less hassle it will be and the less it will cost you. Areas decorated at the reception typically include:

  • Table covers
  • Head table area
  • Centerpieces
  • Cake table

These are the main areas decorated at the reception. While many couples may choose to use special curtains, chair covers, wall hangings and more, decorating the basics is a good idea for saving wedding money and keeps it easy, too.

There are several ways to go about decorating these basic areas. Even the cheapest decorations can be very attractive when put together.

Tulle and Fabrics

Decorating with tulle is a cheap and pretty way to transform a reception location into a wedding event. If you don't like the traditional white tulle, consider picking up tulle in your wedding colors. Use it behind the head table and across the front and on stairways, windows and down the center of long tables.Buy cheap cloth from a fabric store and stitch up the ends. Then tie it around chairs or use a small square as the bottom of a centerpiece. It can also be used as a table runner in lieu of tulle.


Small white Christmas lights are a simple way to create mood lighting in a room. Paired with tulle, the wedding reception lights can create a pretty glow. At a winter wedding, icicle lights are a great way to incorporate the theme.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Find out if the wedding DJ has spotlights for the dance floor and ask if you can use them to spotlight the head table. This way, you can highlight everyone without having to use additional lighting.

Finally, add wedding candles to the reception. Find out whether you need to use battery powered candles or if you can use real flames in the reception hall. Place candles on window ledges and in centerpieces to create pretty lighting effects. Surround the cake table with small tea light candles and silk flower petals.


Centerpieces do not have to be elaborate. Candles are common centerpieces, often placed atop mirrors or in a display of varying heights. Small fishbowls filled with floating tea light candles are also cheap and simple to create.At a casual wedding reception, decorate with balloons. Choose balloons in white, black or your wedding colors and add a small weight to the bottom in the shape of a wedding bell and place it in the center of the table. Use balloons for more than just centerpieces - they are also perfect for decorating doorways and the band or DJ table. This is a great way to add a little festivity to the reception without spending a lot of money.

Finally, consider making the centerpiece do double duty. Instead of having a large floral topiary or other flower arrangement, place favors on cake stands in the center of the table. This helps decorate the table and guests are more likely to take the favors home when they are obviously displayed.

Renting Reception Decorations

Few couples who make or buy their wedding reception decorations are able to use all of them after the event is over. Therefore, many party planning supply stores and wedding planning services offer rental decorations. This can be an ideal solution for couples who want a more luxurious look to their wedding without purchasing decorations outright.

Pictures of Wedding Receptions

Before signing a rental contract, learn the following:

  • Purchase Price: How much does the item(s) cost to purchase? In some cases, if the purchase price is just over the rental price, it makes more sense to buy. Think about ways to repurpose the decorations or sell them after the wedding is over.
  • Replacement Cost: What is the cost to replace any broken or damaged items? How much "wear and tear" is allowed on rental items? Additionally, find out whether items need to be cleaned in a certain way before returning them.
  • Delivery and Set Up: Do you need to pick up all the rental items and set them up yourself, or does the service include set up and takedown? Consider whether you have the time and skills to do this aspect yourself.

Typically, rentals include backdrops, columns, lighting effects, dance floors, mirrors, vases and candelabras, along with tables and chairs. Find out exactly what is offered through various companies and compare prices and policies before you commit.

Easy and cheap wedding reception decorations are a great solution for busy and budgeting brides and grooms. A pretty reception does not have to cost a fortune or require days of preparation.

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Easy and Cheap Wedding Reception Decorations