Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Photo of a double wedding ring quilt

A quilt in the double wedding ring pattern is a wonderful yet functional keepsake for newlyweds. Whether you sew or buy this amazing traditional wedding quilt, any couple will appreciate receiving it for a wedding gift.

History of the Quilt

The double ring quilt became popular in the early twentieth century. Quilt museums often showcase a number of these from the 1920s and 1930s. However, as Judy Anne Breneman points out, the actual interlocking ring design may date back as far as fourth century Romans. It was not until the 20s that the pattern was actually published.

The double ring wedding quilt remains a popular bedcover today. It can be a cheap quilt to make, as scraps from other projects or heirloom clothing can be used within the design. The connected rings can symbolize love, marriage and togetherness, making them a universally well-liked wedding gift.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Gift

Couples who register for bedding may register for a comforter or throw to put atop their bed. However, those who live in cold climates may need something more substantial. Check their wedding registry for the size of their bedding and color scheme of the room. Use this information to choose an appropriate quilt.

The quilt can be purchased from a big box retailer, like JCPenney or even Target. You can also search for handmade or custom quilts at craft fairs, Amish country stores and local bedding and linen boutiques. Antique stores can also carry quilts with the double ring pattern for sale.

Quilt Options

Save shopping time by ordering a quilt online. These web stores offer quilts in a number of colors and sizes:

Personalized Double Ring Quilts

Get more personal with a quilt that includes the couple's names and wedding date. You can find quilted throws with the double ring pattern in a number of colors that has an option for embroidering. These personalized quilts might be the perfect color:

  • Double Wedding Ring Quilt: This blanket can be made in any color and personalized for the happy couple.
  • Double Wedding Ring King Quilt: Customizable to add the name of the couple, this all-cotton quilt is a large option which would work on as large a bed as a California King.

Sewing Double Ring Quilts

Experienced quilters may want to sew their own double wedding ring quilt as a gift to the couple. This wedding gift idea is one that they will cherish, as it was handmade by someone they love. In fact, you could even ask their parents for swatches of old blankets, baby clothing and favorite t-shirts from their youth to give the quilt sentimental value. Make every other ring out of heirloom scraps, so the couple's individual items interlock.Start the quilt up to a year in advance of the wedding, to assure you have plenty of time to finish the project. Get help from resources like the following:

The double wedding ring quilt can also be personalized by using fabric swatches from the actual wedding party attire. You can use swatches that were cut off during tailoring or even take the entire object and cut it into the quilt-whatever the bride and groom decide they want in the quilt. Swatches might include:

  • Bridesmaid dress fabric
  • Groomsmen/usher/groom pocket squares
  • Bridal handkerchief
  • Table linens
  • Wedding gown
  • Shawl or shrug from wedding dress

Depending on the size and amount of materials you get, you may want to make the quilt into a small wall hanging, suitable for framing. This gift will have to be made after the ceremony and wedding reception, so create a beautiful "gift certificate" for the quilt, using your computer and scrapbooking materials.

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Double Wedding Ring Quilt