Disney Wedding Invitations

Disney wedding

The Disney wedding invitation is a wonderful, whimsical way to announce your marriage From cute to elegant, there are many Disney invitation styles available to match your wedding.

Mickey and Minnie: The Classic Disney Wedding Invitation

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the classic cute couple. The traditional Mickey and Minnie characters on a wedding invitation represent a long-lasting, pure, sweet love. What better way to start your marriage? Mickey and Minnie invitations come in a range of styles, including bold black, fun bright colors, and elegant white or ivory embossings.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

The Cinderella and Prince Charming wedding invitation is another classic. Alluding to true love, finding your 'one and only,' and living 'happily ever after,' Cinderella wedding invitations are a popular option. Cinderella wedding invitations are the perfect touch for a variety of weddings, especially a fairytale themed wedding.

There are many design and style choices, including:

  • Invitations in the form of a royal proclamation like the one Cinderella receives to go to the ball
  • Invitations featuring the magical pumpkin carriage
  • The castle
  • Cinderella's glass slipper
  • Invitations featuring Cinderella and Prince Charming themselves

Many Cinderella invitations are available in white, ivory, and pastel colors, but there are also more colorful styles available as well.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is another choice. Whether you just love the story or you and your sweetheart had to overcome adverse circumstances to be together, a Beauty and the Beast invitation might be for you. Fewer stylistic choices are available in Beauty and the Beast than Mickey and Minnie or Cinderella. The most widely available is a white embossed picture of the couple on a white tri-fold invitation.

Ariel and Eric

A wedding invitation featuring the Princess from the Sea and the Prince from Land shows the coming together of two worlds in a happy union. Like Beauty and the Beast, this invitation is available in fewer styles than Mickey and Cinderella. The most popular style for a Little Mermaid Invitation is an elegant white embossed picture on a white z-fold invitation. Although an Ariel and Eric wedding invitation can be used for any type of wedding, summer, under the sea, or beach weddings may work particularly well with this invitation.

Pricing, Envelopes, and Seals

Prices will vary depending on the retailer, selection, number of invitations, and what is included other than the invitation itself. Some retailers include the tissue and both inner and outer envelopes in the price. Other retailers, however, will charge separately for each invitation and each inner and outer envelope, so make sure you know exactly what is included when comparing prices. Matching envelope seals are an elegant touch, but these are usually not included in the invitation price.

Packages and Accessories

In addition to your invitations and envelopes, many retailers offer a variety of other stationary and accessory items. Some retailers offer a discount if you order a package deal or some accessories from the same place as you order your invitations. The following items may be available from the retailer you purchase your wedding invitations from in the accompanying Disney theme:

  • Save the date cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Place cards
  • Keepsake wedding invitation bookmarks
  • Napkins
  • Champagne flutes
  • Ring bearer pillows
  • Cake serving sets

Where to Buy a Disney Wedding Invitation

Dozens of printing, stationary, and wedding companies now offer Disney wedding invitations. Here are just a few:

If you can't find the wedding invitation you are looking for, some companies are willing to custom design invitations for you. Or if you are the crafty type, you could try rubber stamping and embossing your own invitations.

Disney Wedding Invitations