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Mickey and Minnie Wedding Figurine
Add a little Mouse Magic to your wedding cake.

Wedding cakes with a fantastical Disney theme can be a dream come true for a bridal couple. Add this sweet finishing touch to your romantic plans and bring the magic of Disney to your wedding festivies. Your biggest challenge will be deciding on just one of the many design options available.

Why Choose a Disney Cake

A Disney-themed wedding cake is the obvious choice for any couple planning a wedding at one of the Disney resorts, or if they want a fantasy Disney-themed wedding. Because many Disney stories, particularly the classic animated films, revolve around true love and happy endings, a Disney themed cake is perfect for any wedding, and couples who simply enjoy Disney movies or who may have visited Disney theme parks together often choose these magical cake designs as well. Fortunately, there are many beautiful design options that can coordinate with any wedding, with or without a strong Disney theme.

Ideas for Disney Wedding Cakes

When designing a Disney-inspired cake, couples can choose to have either a fully themed, elaborate cake, or a simpler, more traditional design that features Disney accents.

Fully Themed Cakes

A fully themed cake is one that has an obvious Disney design, such as mouse ear shaped tiers or a more specific Disney theme. Many couples prefer to theme a Disney cake after their favorite Disney couple - a beach wedding cake, for example, can be beautifully designed after Princess Ariel and Prince Erik, while a princess-themed cake may feature light blue icing to match Cinderella's dress for a Cinderella theme wedding. These couple-themed cakes can use different design elements from specific Disney films to add detail and unique touches to the cake, and many wedding cake toppers are available with Disney characters.

Another elaborate design for Disney wedding cakes is the castle cake, one that either uses an elaborate castle cake topper or that features the whole cake designed as a fairy tale castle. Pictures of Cinderella's castle in Florida or Sleeping Beauty's castle in California can help a baker recreate the spires, colors, and architecture of these classic Disney castles.

Cinderella Cake Topper

Disney Accents

Couples who prefer more subtle Disney touches to their wedding cake design can add unique accents to a traditional cake. Popular options to give a cake a touch of Disney magic include:

  • Delicate piping or dots in the shape of mouse ears
  • Using a custom carriage cake stand for a non-Disney cake
  • Adding unique elements such as between-tier lighting or waterfalls and fountains
  • Using Disney cupcake papers for cupcake wedding cakes instead of a full Disney cake

Disney Cake Toppers

Adding a Disney figurine wedding cake topper is the fastest, easiest, and most popular way to turn any wedding cake design into a magical Disney dessert. From Mickey and Minnie couples to other royal Disney characters and elaborate castles, there is a wide range of Disney cake toppers to choose from. Online retailers offering a selection of fantasy, princess, and Disney cake toppers include:

Tips for Disney Cakes

With so much magic in the air, it can be easy to go overboard with Disney cake designs. To keep your cake beautiful and elegant without sacrificing the Disney fantasy?

  • Opt for only one or two unifying details for the design, rather than trying to add in every detail in a too-intricate cake.
  • Discuss design options and costs with your baker before choosing a design. Very elaborate cakes or those that use heavily copyrighted inspiration may be more expensive.
  • Opt for light flavors, such as vanilla, red velvet, milk chocolate, lemon, and strawberry for soft, tasty Disney desserts.

Whether you are getting married at Disney World, planning a Disney wedding theme, or just want to add a bit of magical romance to your special day, Disney wedding cakes can be a beautiful and delicious option. With a range of styles and designs to choose from, every couple can find a way to make Disney part of their day.

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